Monday, June 2, 2014

Special Peeps Introduction :)

Today I have a couple of people I'd like for you to meet :)

This is Sydnie :)

Sydnie is 10, and an aspiring artist. 
She likes to look over my blog and print out stuff :) 
She is such an awesome girl, (like her Momma),
who brings a sweetness with her when she enters a room.
She is always smiling, and is the type of person you just like to be around. 
We just love her!

She is hoping to take an art class over the summer! How cool is that?

I  just had to draw her!

So, Sydnie, I have a template for you to print out
so you can get a head start on your class....  I thought some of my friends
might like it too. You can print it, and put another sheet over the top,
so you can draw the clothes, and hair, etc. 

I also have these. They were a request, (last year..... right on top of stuff like usual, lol)
You can use these for a template too, or you can use them 
as paper dolls and design the clothes. 


Good luck with the drawing my friend! We can't wait for you
to visit us again! 

The other bundle of AwEsOmEnEsS I would like you to meet
is Jennifer. She is my Executive Assistant, GoTo, Advice giver,and mess cleaner upper :)
Please, be gentle with her, she is the one that puts up with ALL of my crazy!
She will be helping me keep organized, (holy crapballs, that is a chore I tell ya), and may answer emails and post from time to time. AND she is coming to Vegas with me!!!!!
She is such a blessing to me, and I just love her to bits. I know you all will love her too. 

Sadly, she will not part with a photo of herself.... (Not to worry.... I will get one :) )
This is as close as I can get.....

Surrounding myself with fabulous people!!!!!!



crazymom said...

So cute! My daughter will LOVE these too!! Thank you!

Laura W said...

Thanks Nikki, my little one will love playing around with these too :)

Teresa Rodrigues said...

My daughter will love these too!!She loves to draw and is asking me for a program for ipad or mac computer... to make her designs. Can you sugest me one? She is a fan of yours designs. Thank you Nikki!

Thirty One Gifts said...

Awe.. what great friends you have. Good luck Sydnie and way to go Jennifer! I need you too. haha

Vicky F. AKA Crafting Vicky said...

Those are so fun! Thank you for sharing with us!!!

Kiwi Sarah said...

Wow, thank you so much for these Nikki, my daughter is into designing clothes so will love dressing these images up.