Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Kella !!!!

I have to show you what I have been  
up to this last week.

It was Mike's birthday last Monday,
and Kella's on Tuesday.

For her party this year, she decided to have
a Harry Potter theme. Thank heavens for pinterest ! It
 was absolutely crazy to put together, but so worth the work :)
She LOVED it!!!!

We sent out Hogwarts acceptance letters as invitations, and
included tickets for the Hogwarts express.
We also included a book exchange in the party, which was a HUGE hit!

Once they came inside, they were given a men's black tshirt that I had cut open
down the front, to wear as a robe.

We had a sorting hat ceremony, where the girls picked their "house" out of
a jar, and then got a tie to match the house colors. I made the ties out of felt, and put 
them on a piece of elastic like a necklace. They also got Harry style glasses to wear.

The had a treasure hunt, decorated wands, and played a game with a snitch
(gold balloons). We made "floo powder" and necklaces too. It was loud and crazy, and so much fun :)

I wish the pictures were better, so you could see it all. The Mandrake cakes were awesome!
I used plastic babies that usually are used at baby showers, and glued leaves on their heads. 

The Sorting Hats were made out of fudge stripe cookies, and Hershey Kisses. We had brooms made out of mini Peanut butter cups and pretzels.

The Fizzing Whizbees were zots candies. The chocolates where Hershey Nuggets. The writing quills were just a black pen that I attached a huge black feather to with black florist tape. The dragon eggs were filled with silly putty.

All of the bags were filled to the top! 

All of the crafts were done out on our patio, where we had hung a "Dementor",
and candles were hung from the roof of the pergola.

We had pizza and pumpkin juice (orange soda) with labels taped on.

I don't have permission to use the photos of all of the kids, so I just posted a few. 

Even I got into the act with my Professor McGonagall hat and glasses!
Please ignore my redneck red solo cup lights, but I love them, lol.

All in all, it was great fun with family and the best of friends!



Laura W said...

Sounds like fun! I love Pinterest too. I am currently planning a Frozen party for my daughter-wish me luck, lol

Tiffany Brosig said...

Love this! I know someone who would go nuts for this party. She's turning 21 next week...I may have to use some of these ideas (scaled down to fit on like an end table haha). Looks like you had tons of fun! Happy Birthday, Mikella!