About the Artist

Hi! I'm Nikki, (Nikole when I'm in trouble), and I am the "scribbler" here at 
Melonheadz. This is me....

I am the proud Mommy to 3 beautiful girls, wife to Mike, and the Mimi (Grandma) to two awesome little boys and two sweet little baby girls.

My story is a bit long, but I hope it will inspire others to search out their dream and not give up.

My family, like millions of others struggled financially. My husband owns his own business, and I worked the grave yard shift in a home for mentally and physically disabled people. There were times when we had to choose between food and gas to get to work, or pay bills. We even went 6 months during the summer with the gas turned off to our home. We would boil the water on the stove for baths, and to make it worse, we only had 2 working burners on that stove.
Within the space of just over two years, we lost Mike's mother, both of my parents were diagnosed and passed away from cancer. Our oldest daughter left our home to live elsewhere, we lost our truck and home, and had to declare bankruptcy. It was the lowest point in my life.
This is where Heavenly Father stepped in and took over. 
I was so blessed to find a man in my neighborhood that was a graphic designer. He took me under his wing after seeing something that I had drawn, and would process my scribbles and turn them into clip art. It was amazing!!!!! He helped me set up a shop to sell it. He will always be one of my heroes. Thank you James.
One month when we just couldn't stretch our finances any further, we met with the Bishop in our church to ask for help. We hated to do it, but had no other choice. While we were there, we asked him to pray with us, so that we could find a way to be self sufficient. Not to be rich. Not to get "free" money or win the lottery. We wanted to be able to work and support our needs.
The next day I got the idea to start a blog, and I'm not gonna lie.... I thought it was really stupid. I didn't know how to make a blog. I didn't really even know what one was. That thought nagged me for DAYS!!!! I finally sat down and figured it out.... Then the miracles really began.
Within a few days of posting my first free graphics, I got picked up by a site that posts links to free graphics every day. I had over 2,000 views, and thought there was some kind of error. I posted as often as I could. I found lots of friends, and am glad to say, I still have many of them :) 
I found another neighbor who was able to help me get the software I needed to be able to create professional grade graphics at a huge discount. It was still a stretch to buy it, but we did it. More blessings.
I was then urged by a friend to start some shops on websites like Etsy, and Teachers Pay Teachers by my friends Rachelle  and Patty,
and my world changed. More blessings. 
We could buy toilet paper, and non essential stuff that we couldn't afford before.... like... oh... chocolate milk! and pens! And band aids!!!!! And just breathe. 5 minutes without worry.
I know God has a plan for me, and has given me the opportunity to do what I love to do. He has sent people into my life to show me my path, and guide me to where I needed to be. I have been given the opportunity to serve others, and will be forever grateful for each one.
God has blessed me. He knows my heart. He loves me. 
And, he has sent me you.
Thank YOU, for your support, comments (both good and critical),
and friendship. You have helped to change our lives! I can only hope that I can give you something back. I hope my scribbles make you smile, and warm your heart.
Nikki and family


Easy Teaching Tools said...

Thank you for sharing your story, what a blessing!
Easy Teaching Tools

T-cup. said...

What a beautiful story, you deserve all the rewards of your hard work!

Unknown said...

This made me cry... and hope that things will be better for me and my family too... Thank you for the inspiration!

Nicole Hernandez said...

Thank you for such an inspiration story! It made me reflect on my own position at times. Keep positive and always be thankful for where you are in life today because of where you were yesterday. Take care!!:)

Karen Fabiano said...

Great story. I keep hearing about a purpose driven life. Not that I know what my own purpose is but it's always so inspirational to see other people discover their purpose!

Unknown said...

Wow! I know I'm SUPER late in reading this! You are an ispiration to me. I absolutely love all your clipart and now after reading your story I love them even more!

Unknown said...

The 'freebies' listed, am I allowed to use them to make tags with? I read the TOU's but it didn't answer my question. I take images and make alpha sets with them, then use the alpha to make tags. I give the artist credit whenever I am allowed to use their artwork. No money is exchanged, it is only for enjoyment.

Patti White said...

Nikki, I am so glad you got on TpT! I knew you would be a big success, and that everyone would love your clip art as much as I did and still do. You are such a deserving person, and I'm glad God has blessed you, and that you found a way to share your talent with the world (especially teachers)!
Patti :)

Kerry said...

Hello Nikki, I wanted to give you a most sincere thank you for your honest About Me page and for sharing your talent. The Lord has blessed you so much. Your story is inspiring, and in many ways I can relate.

I wanted to let you know that I have used some of your graphics in my quiet book. I credit you, of course! But I wanted you to see what your wonderful talent has helped me create.

My site is www.klcstudio.com and I too am an artist and have published some of my graphics through Covenant Communications Inc. BUT yours are just sooo adorable!! I couldn't help using some of them, for my personal use only, of course.

Thanks again for being an inspiration and a very creative person who likes to share her talents with others, like me!


Sheri said...

Thank you, thank you for your inspiration!!! I am a Kindergarten teacher and love using your clipart with my students! Do you have an email address? Thank you again. You are a joy!

Julie Stevens said...

I love your story! Thank you for being so transparent. I told my husband about your incredible work and how I was curious where you got your start. I told about your story of struggle. He said, "That's just like what our small group is studying at church..." When you get to the toughest spot in life, that's when you start seeing God's amazing work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki,
I want to say now much I enjoy your clipart! I use them in designing classroom presentations, and they add so much fun and whimsy to lessons. Thank you for your art!

Anxiously Waiting said...

Wow! Nikki, I just came to your TOU page because I was about to purchase a file or two from Tpt. I absolutely ADORE Melonheadz, particularly the Kidlettes! I was move to read your bio and was completely moved and inspired by your life story. Our Heavenly Father surely knows what we need, just when we need it! I'm thanking Him for your gift and the blessings you receive from sharing that precious gift with all of us. Thank you so much for sharing!

latraveler said...

Nikki, Your pages, blog and artwork have become such an inspiration to me. As a south Louisiana Catholic and 'as a medically forced to retire teacher of 27 years" I have become so 'lost' over the past 7-8 years. I need 'my students' or 'some students' and I think I may have found them in our local Catholic school. Thanks for your story. Maybe soon I can be telling my own 'story'. - Greg