Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day Giveaway!!!

Do you know that today is a holiday in Utah???
It is!!! It's a day of fireworks, bbq's, and the banks are closed:)

On this day in 1847, Brigham Young led the first group of pioneers into
the Salt Lake valley, and he said "This is the place!"

Did you know this fun Utah fact?

"Jell-O has often been associated with Mormon culture. Kraft’s sales figures from 1997 show that Salt Lake City residents consume more Jell-O than anywhere else in the U.S."

(straight from the jello facts web site)

I heard somewhere that we eat the most green jell-o too!!!
We even have been known to put shredded carrots in it... ew. 

 We also talk funny....
I used to live in a town called American Fork....
Old timers call it American Fawrk.
We also have a habit of leaving out the T sound in some words, like mountain.... it sounds more like m-ow-ain.

AND we have fry sauce. Those of you who don't have it,
you have my sincere pity, lol. It is miraculous stuff.

Utah is a beautiful place, and I am so grateful to live here. It's also full of talented people, and I'm so blessed to call a lot of them my friends!

In honor of this fabulous day, some of my best Utah friends and I have come up with a made in Utah giveaway!!!

It's really true!
Wait till you see all these goodies!


But wait!!!! There's more!!!!!!

Have you heard about Younique Mascara?
It's made in Utah!
And you could win it!!!!

And what about 
Jamberry Nails?

Yup..... made in Utah!
You could win a sheet of
nail wraps!!! 

And Taffy Town salt water taffy?

Made in Utah....

The Bath Lady handmade soap?

Yep, that too! 
Made in Utah!

And what about this necklace?

Yeah... Made by me....
In Utah!!!!

And it could ALL be yours!!!!

Now we all know that everything good requires some work right?

We all have chosen some thing for you to follow...
Click on the links below and they will take you directly to them all!

It's a pretty long list.... get ready to do the work my friends!

Mr. Hughes

Natalie Crockett

Rachelle Smith

Liesel Connor

Lindsey Erikson

Krystal Plott

Emily Stephenson

Bethany Gardener

Kathy Crane

Sheree Peterson

Fredia Shumway

Christy Howe

Rachel Probst

Jacquie Ekert

Lory Evans

Becca Anderton


Melissa Green


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You are entered to win the Made In Utah 
prizes :)

The winner will be chosen at random
on Saturday, July 26, 2014!!!!

Good luck everyone :) 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

Meet Baylee!!!

Today I have a real live hero for you to meet!

Her name is Baylee.
She is in first grade.
and she has beaten cancer.

I am so impressed by her story, and by her sweet mother.

When Baylee was going through treatment she lost her hair.
Now we all know that while having hair is nice, it's not what makes us beautiful.

Baylee's momma wrote some books all about it.

Here they are:

You can read all about it by clicking 

and she also wrote this one

You can read all about it by clicking 

 They have started a foundation for kids with cancer,
it's called Brave, Bald, Beautiful LLC
you can read all about it by clicking

please take a minute and read her story,  learn about the hair fairy,
and donate if you can. 
I did!

You can also follow them on facebook by clicking 

Now here's where I come in!
Baylee's cousin contacted me and asked me to draw up some graphics to go along with the book, so she could create a companion book review. How awesome is that???? What an honor to be included in a small way :)
Here are the bundles I made:

You can find them here:


You can find them here:


You can find them here: