Salt Lake Family Christmas gift show

I was able to get an Artist in Action booth at the gift show this year. It was so much fun to meet people and find some new ways that Melonheadz can blossom and grow. Here are some pictures of my booth!

Special thanks to my family, Valarie, Michelle, and Terri for helping me make it happen!

I got to sit and draw so people could watch me work.

I displayed lots of ideas on what you can do with my graphics.

A sneak peek of this year's Nativity. I worked on it while at the show.

I was able to give away a finished Book of Mormon, as well as some Melonheadz Cash!!!

Oriental Trading Blog

Thanks to my friend Mr. Chad Boender (Super Awesome Cool Teacher Guy),
Click here to meet Chad :)

My graphics have been seen on the Oriental Trading Blog. 

I know right?


Click here to see the blog post!

He's used my graphics in several posts, and I am so very grateful.
And so very excited!!!

Thanks so much Chad, you're the best!

******************** TPT Conference
In 2014, I was invited to be a presenter at TPT's Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.
What an honor.
I was scared to death, lol.
TPT has changed my life. It has enabled me to live my dream. I get to work from home and be with my family. It's truly all I have ever wanted. I'll NEVER be able to thank them enough. You can read more about TPT by

Here's a bit of what I did there:
I gave a whole session on creating clip art, and the responsibilities I feel in giving back to the community of teachers that have welcomed me in to their midst, and given me opportunities that I never could have dreamed of.

It was truly an opportunity of a life time. I am forever grateful to all who have supported me through this journey. I feel so unworthy! These men and women have made huge strides in helping make life better for educators all around the world. <3


In 2015, I was able to participate in the conference yet again as a Design Panelist, along with some really INCREDIBLE talents. Kimberly Geswein , Michelle Tsivgadellis, Blair Turner, and Julie Faulkner. Seriously, these women are SMART, and beautiful, and talented.

My topic was "Color your World". I spoke for 5 minutes on mixing colors and patterns. The rest of the time aside from us discussing our topics, was Q&A. And maybe a little silliness. Kimberly is seriously funny.

I also was a Networking Leader along with Michelle Tsivgadellis. This gave us an opportunity to meet with other TPT'ers about the clip art community. We answered questions, and were able to form relationships with others in our profession. TWO WHOLE HOURS! I'm telling you, there are some very talented artists out there!
I can't believe I am included in this group!

I was even on a webcast!!!! Can you believe it? It was AWESOME!!!!

Newspaper Articles :)

Yay! Thank you so much Miss Emily from the Deseret News, for the FABULOUS article! I'm so excited with myself, I can't stop smiling! (your paper sales went WAY up this morning.... I bought a whole xox Nikki

Here's the link :)


All of this stuff is super cool, amazing, and unbelievable.

But you know what the best part of it all has been?

Meeting People.
Making Friends.
Giving Back.
Seeing myself improve, and become a better person.
Stretching out of my comfort zone.

Who knows what the future holds?