Terms of Use

Standard License Agreement

Terms of Use

 Below you will find an explanation of the Terms of Use in a Standard License Agreement. Every clip art pack comes with a link to a Standard License Agreement link, or the Agreement in itself. Terms of Use is also provided via the internet.

All images sold at Melonheadz Illustrating, Melonheadz Exclusives, Melonheadz Doodles, or Melonheadz LDS Illustrations, Etsy, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Teachers Pay Teachers,  Pinterest, Etsy, and/or other sites or personally are copyrighted by Nikki/Nikole Casassa and/or Melonheadz Illustrating and/or Melonheadz Illustrating LLC, and/or Melonheadz. These names will be referred to as simply "the Site" or "Melonheadz" throughout the remainder of this notice. All images are hand drawn and/or computer enhanced by the site. When you purchase, downloaded or received as a free gift via any other method, you are agreeing to respect the artist copyright terms listed below.

A Standard License Agreement includes usage for personal, educational, and limited small business uses.

About the Clip Art:

Each clip art pack comes in either color, black & white, line art, or combo pack of both.  The type of image is stated in the title or description of the pack.  Each image is high-resolution 300dpi. Keep in mind that png files are completely transparent and are lossless, thus producing the best quality. Jpeg files will have a white box around the image. These will be my oldest work.

Important Note: You may not sell the clip art as a standalone product. You may not share or distribute the clip art. It cannot be uploaded / shared via Amazon Inspire, hyperlinked within curriculum maps, etc. The clip art must be used as a design element (part of the overall project), meaning it is a compliment and added part of your project. Essentially, it's an accent to make  your personal and commercial projects have a pleasing look. It must consist of more than a border and or more than one image on a page. Nikole Casassa retains all copyright to the clip art images. You may not claim the clip art as your own. You may not copy my clip art designs to create your own clip artYou may not use my clip art designs in a product that infringes on another's copyright or trademark.

Commercial Credit is Required: 

If you use the clip art as part of an educational worksheet or activity with the intent to sell the worksheet or activity for a profit, credit in the form of a clickable link or button must be given to Melonheadz Illustrating somewhere in the file. Credit can be given in the form of a text link or by linking to one of the logos provided in the clip art file, or found in the sidebar at www.melonheadzillustrating.blogspot.com . 
If you use the clip art as part of a freebie educational lesson, worksheet, or activity that you distribute or share with others credit is required (see above)
If you use the clip art as part of a printable craft or creative project for a small business credit must be given in the form of a copyright notice such as “Image Copyright Melonheadz Illustrating”
If you use the clip art as part of a digital craft or creative project for a small business credit must be given in the form of a clickable link (see above)
You may NOT use the name Melonheadz or Melonheadz Illustrating in your product or packet name.

Allowed Uses:

Personal Use

Personal scrapbooking
Personal greeting cards, invitations, calendars, bookmarks, printable projects
Personal crafts
Wedding, birthday, and party
Personal party supplies and décor such as cake toppers, wrappers etc.
These are just a few examples. Almost anything for personal uses is fine.

Commercial Educational Use

Educational lessons and activities sold for a profit on Teachers pay Teachers, websites, in printed form, and blogs are allowed with the Standard License Agreement. Commercial credit is required (see above). All images must be secured in a pdf file
Educational lessons and activities distributed as “Freebies” on Teachers Pay Teachers and  websites, in printed form, and blogs are allowed with the Standard License Agreement. Commercial credit is required (see above). All images must be secured in a pdf file
Smart Board usage is permitted as long as the images are flattened as part of a background and not loose in the file
PowerPoint usage is permitted as long as the images are flattened as part of a background and not loose in the file
Personal Educational Use
Personal classroom activities, worksheets, and games
Personal classroom Smart Board lessons
Personal classroom Power Point Presentations
Personal classroom decorations, wall décor, labels, binder covers, wall posters
Melonheadz Illustrating images may also be used in Religious education.
Illustrations may be used in BOOM cards and SeeSaw, as long as the images ARE SECURED in a background, and not loose in the files/programs.
Illustrations MAY be used in Google slides, etc. as long as the images ARE SECURED in a background slide, and not loose in the files/programs.

Limited Small Business Use

*Limited small business use is okay for small business shops, such as on Etsy etc. The business use of my work does not extend to manufacturers, large corporations or mass production.

Small business signage such as notices. The images must compliment the text.
Commercial educational products such as worksheets, etc. on Teachers Pay Teachers  (see above under Educational Use)
You may use the clip art for small handcrafted items that are sold for a profit such as handmade greeting cards, invitations, and postcards that are sold in your small business shop such as on Etsy. If you are a small business interested in selling products created using Melonheadz Illustrating graphics YOU AGREE TO GIVE CREDIT to Melonheadz Illustrating- WITH A CLICKABLE LINK TO MELONHEADZ ILLUSTRATING'S BLOG. www.melonheadzillustrating.blogspot.com. You MUST also recieve MELONHEADZ ILLUSTRATING'S consent to use the images. You are restricted to no more than 100 copies of each image and/or $500 profit per image/ finished product per year.
Digital advertisements. The clip art used must be part of the overall advertisement design
Printed promotional projects for your small business such as flyers, newsletters, brochures, catalogues

What is NOT allowed in a Standard License Agreement:

The clip art may not be used as a part of a business logo without consent from the site.
The clip art may not be used as part of a scrapbook kit.
Desk top backgrounds for sale without permission from the site
Embroidery designs
Rubber or digital stamps
other products that reproduce the Melonheadz Illustrating image
SVG cutting files sold for profit
Calendars, t-shirts, clothing, board games, diaper products.
You may NOT create a collage sheet or any product for sale on Etsy, Zazzle, or similar websites without obtaining written consent from the site prior to use.
Digital papers or digital backgrounds
Digital greeting cards, invitations, etc.
Coloring Pages
Single images with little or no educational value
iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, Facebook or Tiny Tap apps
Ebooks, color books, or books in any form without permission from the site
All images are created and finished by the artist. Altering or recoloring of images are prohibited.
The clip art may not be used in products sold to manufacturers, large corporations or mass produced.
You may not display an image on the Internet (whether it’s a blog or website) in its original form. By placing an image on the Internet in its original form the images could be stolen by others and used without permission – this is not allowed.

YOU MAY NOT DISTRIBUTE CLIP ART SETS to any other person. It is a violation of copyright to share clip art files/printables via any means. You may not share via email, facebook groups, Google file sharing, or any other applicable format.

Coloring Books, coloring pages, bookmarks and other printables made by Melonheadz Illustrating may not be redistributed and are for personal use only.

Third party licensing is not permitted. You may not create any product/project/worksheet, etc. to sell or distribute, that may be sold by a third party. Illustrations include single buyer license only.

Blog use Policy
Melonheadz Illustrating graphics are not available for use in blog design. Exception: Personalized "Melonhead" graphics bought, paid for, or or gifted, may be used as purchaser sees fit, but NOT for resale/altered in any form. 

Returns and Refunds Policy
As my product are computer files, there really is no way to return a set.
HOWEVER... I am more than willing to try and find a way to rectify whatever issue may arise. I will work with customers within 3 days of the receipt of the products.
Please check out your purchase when it arrives in your email box, or via website download, and make sure that everything came through ok. Feel free to contact me at melonheadzillustrating@gmail.com

All images are owned by the site. Any violation of the above rules will be prosecuted,( It is my intention to support my family through my art work, I ask that you be sensitive to this fact). The site is not responsible for any harm resulting from use and/or downloading images from this site. By opening your files through your email, you accept responsibility for any harm done to your property.

Melonheadz Illustrating reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time without giving you prior notice. Updated 10/21/2020.


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