Saturday, December 14, 2013

Melonheadz Addict Membership now available!!!!

The Official Melonheadz Addict Membership is here!!!
Can I get a WoOt WoOt????

Oh yes:)

What do ya get with your membership????
*Free exclusive graphics
*a monthly coupon code for etsy
*a fabulous badge, with your very own number like this one:

to post on your blog:)
*Exclusive coloring pages
*exclusive giveaways
*snail mail periodically
*Other exclusive surprises as well :)
*Access to the Melonheadz Addict's blog
and more!

It will be an ongoing project.... new stuff and information will be added regularly.

A giveaway too?

Why yes, I think so!

How do you join in on the fun???

If you're interested, you can click here:

Once you join, I will email (as soon as possible)
you a request to join the blog, 
your numbered button,
and a google form to fill out for additional goodies!

I'm so excited!

The Melonheadz Illustrating blog will still go on as it has:)
Please know that it will not change.

(frames from the royal announcement bundle)
(fonts from Jen Jones and Kimberly Geswein)

You can also click here to find out more!



Daina said...

Yay! I can't wait til payday on Thursday!!!!

Daina Roberts

Unknown said...

WOOO HOOO! I am so excited to have this little nit of sunshine in my day! Using and seeing your graphics make me smile and fill my day with a little bit of sweetness.

Daina said...
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Katie Knight said...


MissMiller4thGrade said...

Yay!! Thanks for the awesome Christmas gift!!! I just signed up!!! So excited!!

Natalies Nook said...

I have been watching for this announcement all week! Yippee! I am all paid up and excited to join the fun! I seriously am a MelonHeadz addict and proud of it!
Love and Hugs!
Natalies Nook

Paula’s Place said...

I have just paid - I am in. I am such an addict. Best Christmas present for me to me from you!
Paula from Paula’s Place

Kathy said...


First Grade a la Carte

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas to me. Thanks Nikki. LOVE your work!

Alison Hislop said...

Yay! Thankyou! Very excited!


Alexis said...

Yay! Payday is Thursday, cannot wait :)

Teresa Rodrigues said...

I have just paid - I am in. I am such an addict.
xox from Portugal
Teresa Rodrigues

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness YES!!! I'm in for sure.


Rachel Lamb said...

well shucks! I wanted to be number 0001!!! So excited!

1stgradefireworks said...

Yay! I got mine! wendy

Annie Moffatt said...

Yay! I'm signed up! So excited :) Thanks Nikki!

Mrs. Nicolau said...

Yayyyy!!! :):)
Thank you Nikki!!!! I love it!!! :)

melonheadz addicts said...

Just a little FYI :) the invitations etc. are being sent to your paypal email address. If you need it sent to a different one, please email me at :)

Jacque said...

Done and Done!!!!!!! I can hardly wait!

Nancy Wilson said...

So the payment is a one time life time membership? Just wanted to check before paying that amount. Looks like a great opportunity! Thanks,
The Apple Basket Teacher

Anchored In Literacy said...

LOVE THIS! Can't wait til payday!!!! I NEED this. ;)

Corinna said...

Yay! I have been looking forward to this!! Merry Christmas to me!!

Emily said...

Just sent in the Paypal! So excited to be a member - you are awesome. :)


Katie Smith - I Want to be a Super Teacher said...

Done and done! So excited!
Katie :)
I Want to be a Super Teacher

lorena said...

Hi Nikki,

Do I need to have a blog to join?


Unknown said...

I'm in, wooo-whooooo!

Unknown said...

I just got mine! So excited!!!

Unknown said...

Done!!! So excited!!!! I adore your stuff!!! :)

SPiles said...

My early Christmas present :)

MonkingsMusings said...

I'm bummed this is the time of year hubby's paychecks get smaller as he only works when the automakers work and things are always slow at the holidays. Hubby is a trucker that gets paid by the load. The soonest I would be able to join would be the end of January. Hopefully people will still be able to join then. :(

Julie Keohohou said...

Very excited to be a melonheadz addict!! Can't wait!

Happy Holidays,
Kindergarten To The Core

Unknown said...

Woo Hoo! So excited about this!

A Teaspoon of Teaching

Christina said...

I am soooo excited!!

Ashley Sanderson said...

Done!! Ahhh! I'm so excited!!!!

~DeAnne~ said...

I Can't WAIT!!! <3 your stuff Nikki!! :)

Pocketful of Littles said...

I am so excited!
Can't wait

Terri said...

I am sooo excited. I just joined :)

Jeannine said...

This is the best Christmas gift to myself! Yay! I've been an addict for a long time, but now I'll have a badge to proudly admit it! My name is Jeannine and I am a Melonheadz Addicts member!:)

Mrs. Wathen said...

Just joined! Better late than never... Thanks so much Nikki!

The Resourceful Apple

CC said...

Hi Nikki, I've been thinking about joining for a while, but I guess I want more information.... how often are freebies? What kind of discount codes? etc.... thanks in advance!!!