Friday, September 27, 2013

Nikson update :)

This sweet boy is amazing!!!!! I am not biased at all either... (HA!)
When he was born he had a white bump on his bottom gum, which I thought 
at the time was like a blister from sucking..... yeah this is why I shouldn't think,lol.
He had a tooth!!!!!
Now he has 2!!!!
It is seriously is the cutest thing when he smiles:) I am in love.
He also says "mama", don't most babies say "dada" or "baba" first? ( If I listen I know he's 
saying "mimi"...... don't tell his momma I said that!)
He does not like to lay.... He wants to sit up like a big people, and he stiffens up and stands.
He is brilliant I tell you! And spoiled rotten:) It's awesome!!!!


Patty Rutenbar said...

He is perfectly adorable! Being a gramma is the best! So much more fun than being a parent. Love this photo.

Morgan Hardy said...

no no no don't believe her, Nikson says mommommommommommom... she's just jealous cause her first born said papa first. and he sits up by himself and laughs and plays with his feet, and likes camo, and he loves loves loves it when you talk to him he will smile and laugh so much, and he really loves raspberry sherbet. haha mom you're too much sometimes, telling people he says mimi... haha soon enough momma.

Margreet said...

Beautiful boy....enjoy!
xxx Margreet

Julie Stowe said...

Neither of you mentioned his beautiful lashes that gently brush his cheek... Yes I love babies too!
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