Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's My birthday!

Since today is my BIG day tomorrow, I have a gift for you!
A free mini bundle!
Here's what it is:

Here's the link for you to download it!

It contains both colored and black and white png images:)
Here's the story for today.... it's a short one, and more of a sweet memory.
Every year for our birthdays, my mom would make our favorite dessert.... mine was
angel food cake:) No matter where I go, I have NEVER found a cake that tastes as good as my Momma's. I wish she was here to bake me one.

New bundle today :) O is for owls

Birthday Diva #5

Well, now that we've established that I'm a, this next story should really come as no surprise.
When I was in the first grade, I was running out to recess (a full tilt run no less).
My friend and I were running side by side, talking back and forth, so I had turned to look at her...... you can see this coming right?
You got it.... as I turned back to look where I was going, I ran headfirst into the ONLY BrIgHt bLuE pole holding up the roof of the patio.... knocking me flat on my bum. I ended up with a concussion!
Sad right? But here's the best I did it TWICE!
And just to top it off.... later that spring, my grandparents were hosing down their patio,
telling me not to run on the cement, it was slick when it was wet. Uh huh, down I went, and getting yet the THIRD concussion in 6  Now we have an understanding of why my mental state ans capacity is as it is :)
It seriously gives me a headache and I get a little nauseated when I think about it still!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birthday Diva #4

OK, so this morning it hit me that I should probably not tell you all of this stuff about me because.....
You now know what a dork I truly
Do you remember Erma Bombeck? She wrote hilarious books about her family life.
Hollie, thank you for pointing out that that is MY life as
Ok so.... today's story is more about the day I gave my brother a heart attack ( sorry Blair... ).
Blair and I were home alone one day while our mom was at work. I was about maybe 5, that would have made him around 12.
And..... pretending I was driving a car, I used a bobbie pin... for a key.... I stuck it in the closest
empty recepticle close to me... you guessed it... a light socket.
It blew me backwards and shot sparks out. Poor he he he.... it's not really funny... *snort*.. He started to cry, smoke was coming out of the wall and off my finger.... bahahahahah... he called my mom, and my grandma had to leave work to come and check on me. I was in so much trouble!
it was a...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday Diva #3

When I was 4, my mother and I were on our way to exchange some gifts that I had gotten
for my birthday. I was riding in the front seat (no seat belts were required then either), and telling my mom about a new TV show that I had watched..... anyone remember "The land of the Lost"?
Anywho..... As I was talking I went to roll down the window, and instead I grabbed the door handle.
The door flung open, taking me with it. Somehow my mother had managed to grab my arm. I remember looking down and boy was I running fast! Eventually my arm slipped from her hand and I landed in the road, hitting my head. I remember being in the ambulance, and knowing my mom was in the front..... and screaming my head  Long story short, I broke both legs, my right hip, and my pelvis. I spent a long time in traction in  the hospital, and then was sent home in a body cast! I got really good at dragging myself through the shag carpet in the living room :)

My poor mom would cry everytime I mentioned it, even when I got older. Poor Momma.
K, so remember my packratness? I kept the silly cast for 20 years... I finally threw it away when Mike and I got married!

'nuff babbling :) Thanks friends~!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Diva #2

My Mother always made sure I was dressed as best she could....
from my ribbon in my hair, to my lacy socks, and black patent leather high top shoes:)
Of course, I learned to be a pack rat as well .... lol.  I have that dress still, and have had pictures of
each of my babies taken in it! The shoes are on the book case in my living room.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Birthday Diva :)

Hi Friends :)
Guess what????
It's my birthday week!
"HaPpY BiRtHdAy To Me...."
SO, as the birthday diva :) This week I thought I would share a little about me, and also ask for a birthday gift from each of you! I'm getting old, I can do
(I'm actually stealing this from my friend Laura.... she did this on her birthday, and I was so impressed with her. I wanna be like her when I grow up! She is one of my heroes)
SO.... back to my birthday
Just once this next week I ask that you do a good deed, and think of me :)
I don't care if you wash and fold your husband's socks, or if you buy the soda of the person behind you in line....and then... I wanna hear about it!
I'm so excited about this:)
SO you have until Friday (which is the BIG day)....
get out there, and do good my friends!
Ok, so here's the first of the about me facts:
1. My mother didn't tell anyone but my dad that she was pregnant with me! I was a big
2. When I was little we had some foster girls (Lavern and Shirley.... Really that was their names! I still think of them as my sisters) that lived with us during the school year. They would come from the Indian reservations in Arizona. My brother Blair was disappointed that I was so pale.
3. I was allergic to EVERYTHING! My poor mother tried everything she could think of, and I would throw it up. Jello water.... everything. For a while they gave me the liquid mixture you use in ice cream machines (yeah that kept me nice and When I couldn't drink that anymore, they started me on flat coke. I swear my blood is brown and fizzy. I have a terrible fear of the restrictions on soda size that I've heard about. I will dry up and die, I just know it!
ok so here's the freebie and reward you get for listening to me babble :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Not my best day!

Hi friends....
I have to apologize for something I did, without even knowing I did it!
It has been pointed out to me that my cute ( I thought I made it up in my head)
code word to enter the contest this weekend was a nasty slur.
Seriously, at 40, you'd think I'd have heard them all, but no. I am absolutely sick to think I may
have offended anyone through my dumb big mouth!
I have changed the code word, please don't worry those who have entered, you're still good :)
To add to that today,
I attended my cousin's funeral ( who I found out was even more groovy and awesome than I already thought ), I got a ticket, broke my new necklace ( I never buy stuff like that for me ),
and ripped the arm off of my sunglasses.
I give up for today.
Tomorrow will be better.....
I hope....
as long as I keep my foot out of my big dumb bunny

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School update!

Ahhhh.... do you hear that?
nothing.... silence....
Why do I wanna cry?
Day 2 of school, and my celebratory cheese cake is still in the freezer.
I can't bring myself to eat it and not
I totally failed the back to school bliss area. I did however, take a 20 minute bubble bath before the guilt set in, and I had to get out and cut up broccoli for dinner.

Sock Stars set

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to school sale this weekend!

It's time for a little Momma CeLeBrAtIoN for me!
OH YEAH! All of my girls will be in school full time :)
( If you listen really close, you should be able to hear the Mo. Tab. Choir
singing like angels in the background of my head! )
Please don't get me wrong, I LOVE my girls, but the red paint all over the bathroom, and the Lysol sprayed in our little sister's armpits, have just pushed me into "I need a break" status.
I haven't had more than a few hours very rarely to myself in 10 years!
I will be the one dancing on the kitchen table next Tuesday, just in case you see me through the windows. I've been thinking about buying myself a little mini cheesecake in honor of that day, AND I might just eat a bite in every room in the house ( I will never admit that to anyone in my family ). Anyway, I digress....
Starting tomorrow, I will be having a BIG back to school sale on your entire purchase!
Be sure to check in for the coupon code:)

Frequently asked questions :)

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Why do I post in black and white and colored copies? Sometimes it's hard to find an image in just the right color. With the black and white copy, you can print it out and color it yourself :)

How often do I have a sale or give-a-way? I really don't have a schedule for things, they just sort of happen when I feel like it, or have a slow time in my schedule. Be sure to watch daily, sometimes I will do a daily series that gets turned into a bundle later, or I have a game day and give away free bundles. I should have another freebie soon, we're almost to 1000 followers! WOOT WOOT!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Natalie's Nook :)

Hi friends :)
I'd like to introduce you to my friend Natalie :)
She's fairly new to blogging, but wow! Has she picked it up and ran with it!
Stop in and visit her.... be sure to leave her some love!
She's fantastic, and has so much to teach and share:)
Here's her link:


Wednesday, August 8, 2012