Thursday, August 16, 2012

Frequently asked questions :)

The best way to save an image: Right click and open the image up, then right click again to save it into a file on your computer.  Be sure to click on the image to make it bigger BEFORE you save it! You will be able to print off a better quality image.

Why does the background look gray or black? The images are saved as a png file. This means that there is no white around the images, it is transparent.That's why it looks black or gray. It won't show up when you put it into a document :)

Why do I post in black and white and colored copies? Sometimes it's hard to find an image in just the right color. With the black and white copy, you can print it out and color it yourself :)

How often do I have a sale or give-a-way? I really don't have a schedule for things, they just sort of happen when I feel like it, or have a slow time in my schedule. Be sure to watch daily, sometimes I will do a daily series that gets turned into a bundle later, or I have a game day and give away free bundles. I should have another freebie soon, we're almost to 1000 followers! WOOT WOOT!



Kathy Salazar said...

WOOTWOOT for you Nikki- I teach preschool and my little friends start back to school next Monday- oh I love it but boy will I be exhausted for teh next two least :)

AllisonG said...

1,000 followers - WOW! And to think I knew you back when you had 20. :-) I'm so happy for you!