Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday Diva #5

Well, now that we've established that I'm a, this next story should really come as no surprise.
When I was in the first grade, I was running out to recess (a full tilt run no less).
My friend and I were running side by side, talking back and forth, so I had turned to look at her...... you can see this coming right?
You got it.... as I turned back to look where I was going, I ran headfirst into the ONLY BrIgHt bLuE pole holding up the roof of the patio.... knocking me flat on my bum. I ended up with a concussion!
Sad right? But here's the best I did it TWICE!
And just to top it off.... later that spring, my grandparents were hosing down their patio,
telling me not to run on the cement, it was slick when it was wet. Uh huh, down I went, and getting yet the THIRD concussion in 6  Now we have an understanding of why my mental state ans capacity is as it is :)
It seriously gives me a headache and I get a little nauseated when I think about it still!


ike said...

Wahahahaha - and she's never been the same since !!!! LoL
They should have kept you in cotton wool when you were young .. doing all these things !!... either that, or you should've been a boy... that's the sort of scrapes THEY get into LoL xxx
Thank you for the crazy digi xxx

Sonia said...

Lol! :-)
Thanks for this great digi.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your stories and the wonderful images that have accompanied them. Hysterical!! By the way, to celebrate your birthday, I gave the UPS man an ice cold Coke today. It is SO hot outside. May God continue to shower you with his blessings. XO Norma W

tazmadazz said...

Happy Birthday!! Thank you for your freebies and your adventures, but how did you make it to adulthood?!

Favorite Favors said...

LOLOL!!! I love your blog more and more each day!! Your escapades as a child mimic those of my husband's who has me in stitches each time he tells me a new story about his childhood. The two of you should collaborate and write a sitcom. Congratulations on your new year and Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!!!


Rhonda Miller said...

Lol. Wow, twice, that takes talent. :) I thought I was talented to cut my chin open while running around in the clinic with my uncle while my mom was in an apt. Lol.

Marianne said...

Well, that goes to prove you're not a donkey. There's a Dutch expression that says that donkeys don't usually make the same mistake twice, LOL.

Marianne said...

Forgot to say thank you for the image! Your stories are making me lose my manners, LOL.

michkenney said...

Happy Birthday! I love your stories. I'm a klutz too.