Saturday, July 21, 2012

New calendars out today! Digital paper

Sorry! I had to post this pic extra big so you can see it! Its SO stinkin cute!
I do not have the black and white done yet, but hope to have it by the end of the sale ( you can preorder it and get it at the sale price :)

It is an eternal calendar (write in your own dates) so it can be used over and over! LOVE it!

Here's the etsy link:

Teacher's Notebook:

Colored version is $15, black and white $12, combo pack $25.

I'm going to print these out for my girls to give their new teachers on the first day of school.

Book mark bundle :)
One for each month of the year!

Here's the etsy link:

Digi paper and months bundle:)



Eileen Griffin said...

These are all adorable, Nikki! Wow, Your daughters' teachers are lucky to have such a talented mom in their midst. I would have you on speed dial- Ha!

Pennie said...

Soooooo cute. And now you are going to force me to go shopping.

Janine said...

SO FRICKIN CUTE!!!!!! I can't stand it, I have to have the calendar. How am I going to do this without my husband knowing, LOL. Oh who cares, I will just tell him that it is a tax write off!!!

Keep them coming, Nikki!

dawnie said...

You're amazing!!!!!!!!

dawnie said...

You're amazing!!!!!!!!

Lili Garcia said...

I loved it, now I have to go and grab everything!!!!! You are so talented, seriously. I wish I were your girls' teacher :)