Friday, March 25, 2011

Yesterday's answers:)

Congratulations to: Jennyfer (from Onterio,Canada), Alison (from Utah), and Heather (from Texas)! They won the game yesterday :) Jennyfer chose the zoo bundle, Alison chose the paper dolls, and Heather chose the princesses. According to the search I did on greetings (thanks to Nicole for the link) they tied with guesses. Here is the link to the page I looked at if you're interested  . Here are the answers for those who didn't know ( like me :) )
HOLA- Mexico,  GUTEN TAG- Germany,   DOBRE RANO- Czech,   JAMBO-Swahili
DIA DUITE-Irish,   BONJOUR-French,   PRIVET-Russian,   MALO E LEI- Tongan
HOWZITGAUN-Scottish,   HEJ-Danish,   IA ORANA,Tahiitian,   KONNICHI WA-Japanese
Thank you to all that sent in guesses... it was really fun to hear from you! Loved getting mail from all of the silent types that peek in on the blog but have no comments... I knew there had to be one or two of I'll have to think up another game for next week! xox Nikki


Misty said...

Ok I missed that one, but didn't you like my guess?? LOL!!
Hummer Hugs,
hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

Izzah said...

apa khabar (Malaysian) from me..

Nikki said...

Misty, thank you for playing, loved the guesses! Izzah, Thank you for sharing with me... I'll file it away and sneak it in later! xox Nikki

Scrapendipity said...

Great job, ladies!! Congrats. :) I gave up when I knew only a few. LOL


scrapalajen said...

Thank you for the bundle Nikki. My first win! Yippity-yay!

Anonymous said...

"Hola" is Spanish, not only for Mexico... I'm from Argentina and that´s is the word for hello!

It was really fun to play... I want to see what you bring for next week :)