Thursday, March 24, 2011


I'll be adding to these for another game in a week or so!


Misty said...
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Patty Ann said...

Hola - Spanish
Guten Tag - German
Dobre Rano - Slovak
Jambo - Swahili
Dia Duite - Irish
Bonjour - French
Privit - Russian
Malo e Lei - Tongan
Howzitgaun - South African
Hej- Danish
ia orana - Tahiti
Konnichiwa - Japanese

Hope that I got them right!

CraftyGirl said...

I emailed you my guesses. Hope they are right.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Nikki, Just saw your link over at FreeDigisites !!! So happy for you. Your already FAMOUS girl.
Love the idea of this quiz !!
Although I could only get 5 of em. Too embarrassed at that :(

G-ma said...

where's the English version!!

Nikki said...

:) "lub" ya too Naush! @ I'll post that for you tomorrow! xox

marian said...

Dag, goeiedag, hallo, those are all dutch greetings but not in your list and the others... well, no time to figger them all out...
Congrats to the winner though!

Nannieflash said...

Thank you so much for the freebie. with hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

Purple Card Lady said...

Thank you!

Barbara said...

Thank you. This is so different, will def. use this. XX