Thursday, May 4, 2017

BIG BIG BIG news!!!!!

Hey friends!!! 

I have HUGELY BIG news!!!

I just finished up an
for Melonheadz graphics.

It was a giant undertaking, and it took

But it's done! If you're looking for 
something specific.... i.e. a llama, or 
Pecos Bill, or even selfies clip art, all 
you have to do is check under the labels tab!
And you will have the direct link for
the set in my shop!

It's amazing.

Here's the link, so that you can check it out for yourself:

I hope it makes things easier for us all 



is aussieessays legit said...

These graphics or clip art you presented is awesome. I also know some graphics too if you want me to work let me know. Thanks said...

You are really good in it, I like the colors your used here. Going to share your work with others as well, hope they will like it. Thank you for sharing such a colorful blog

hbennett said...

I adore all of your work! I have MANY of your sets. Will you ever draw a turtle? I love turtles and I'm always searching for an adorable one to use and your style is so cute I know you would make one I just love.

Martine Luther said...

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Latika sharma said...

This is really awesome and beautiful.
Thank for this sharing.
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