Sunday, October 25, 2015

TpT Clipart Tribe Presents: Franken-Doodle-Stein Halloween Blog Hop

This past week, 12 INCREDIBLE artists from the TpT Clipart Tribe came together to create something absolutely amazing!! For the first time, we brought our skills and artistic styles together and each artist was allowed to add a unique piece to create our very own Franken{doodle}stein.

Click the image below to download the boots and then hop on over to the next blog to grab some more goodies and the next piece to our Franken-Doodle-Stein!!
Click the image below to hop on over to HASADA DESIGNS to download Franken-Doodle-Stein's other pieces & to some goodies from her shop and blog.

I'm so excited to be included with some of my artist friends on this! Please be sure to stop in and grab all of the pieces to make your own posters, one piece made by each of us. Thanks to Michelle (3am teacher) for all of her work on it, and to the sweet friends that made a ll of the graphics for us to post!

Be sure to stop in and pick up some goodies from the sales as well!

Here's the link to the boots:

The links for the other pieces are listed there in the description.

AND last but not least, grab "El Cato" 
by clicking on the images below and saving them to your computer!

Happy Halloween! 


Unknown said...

I would walk in your boots any day!! Love you sweet friend!!

Kate Hadfield said...

Great boots - they are perfect for Frank!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the super cute "El Cato"

Diana said...

What a fun hop. Thanks so much for your part. Frank is styling.

RebeccaB said...

Thanks for these super awesome boots to go with the rest of the pieces :) My 2 kids are going to have so much fun putting it all together!

SillyOMusic said...

These boots look incredible when printed. You're a fantastic designer!