Sunday, October 5, 2014

Multiple Sclerosis and Down Syndrome Awareness packages released today!

I am very proud of these two.
Both topics near and dear to my heart :) 

For my brother Bart and niece Kaysie. Fight on. I love you both.

For Dean, who can do anything. 



Jackie said...

I have a son and a good friend who has a daughter who has MS. Love the MS clipart.

Lory's Page said...

Ahhh!! Max says "Thank you Nikki!!" xo

Tiffany Goodson said...

Thank you SO much for doing a package for Down Syndrome Awareness. My little sister has Down Syndrome and this means a lot to us!!!

Amanda Martin said...

Nikki, could you do an Epilepsy bundle and a breast cancer bundle? I love these by the way!! :) <3