Monday, August 11, 2014

2nd Annual Melonheadz Classroom Adoption!!!!


Last year's class was AwEsOmE!!!!!
I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding things
I have done to date!
Mrs. Bain's 3rd grade class of sweeties
were so kind to let me be a part of their classroom.
The pictures and notes they took time to send to me are
some of my greatest prizes :)
Hopefully they will always remember
that someone in Utah loves them.

So, here's all the deets about the adoption:

* Must be inside the US
(I'm sorry! The shipping on the boxes is expensive)

* Receipts for the $100 for classroom supplies
must be copied and emailed back to me

* Your class must be able to accept a gift
box every month

That's it!!!!!

A winner will be randomly chosen on Monday,
August 18, 2014.

How can you enter?
Leave me a comment below on why your 
class deserves to win:)

****One entry per classroom please****
(Multiple entries will be disqualified. All classrooms
deserve a chance)

Good luck my friends!!!!
I can't wait to meet my new class :)


jnbrown1 said...

Worrying about food, money, transportation, and clothing are adult worries, yet many of the students at my school face these "grown-up" problems each day. In spite of the challenges they face, my students constantly rise to the occasion and frequently blow me away with their ability to learn.
My students come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have and some do not. It is my job to level their playing field so that all have a chance to be successful. All students in my second grade, lower income classroom prove themselves time and time again and I couldn't be more proud to be involved in their lives. I walk away being the fortunate one!
Since the first day of my career I knew that teaching was in my DNA. I love everything about it. My kids are the best! They deserve the best in every aspect of life, especially in their education. Thanks in advance for this amazing opportunity and the possibility to make my classroom a great place to teach and a wonderful place to learn

Pspetralia said...

Holy cow!! What a generous giveaway!! Thank you!!!
My class would LOVE to win this giveaway. I teacher special education grades 3rd through 5th, but my students are on a prek to 2st grade level. These wonderful kiddos have all had negative school experiences because of their disabilities and behaviors. My program strives to make school a fun and wonderful place to learn. They all have language based disabilities, so all of our lessons involve hands on activities. We go through a LOT of manipulatives and supplies!
It would be so much fun to get a box from Utah every month. We could play guess what is in the box before we opened it and practice language and writing with writing you back.
I'm sure there are lots of deserving classrooms out there. Thank you so much for considering my group of wonderful kiddos!

Diane R said...

After 15 years of teaching in the same place, I'm moving to a district closer to home. However, this district is in a crazy transition year. Every single one of my students will be bussed from their familiar school to a very old building and a very small classroom with a teacher that is a complete mystery to them (me). So we are all coming to this school completely clueless and a little (a lot) anxious. I will do my best to make this school year a great one, but I'm worried that everyone's mindset will be to just get through the year because it's just a one year thing. Anything that will make this crazy year special would truly be appreciated.

Mary Keveren said...


I teach 5th grade in Orange, Virginia. My school is a Title 1 School with a lot of heart and a wonderful community of students. My students come from many backgrounds and have so much more to worry about than school. With this in mind I am always searching for ways to make school more than just “work.” It is easy for school to become a job, but it is my goal to turn my classroom into a safe, relaxing, and joyful place of learning.

I teach my students with passion and dedication. I teach all subjects and I absolutely love my job! I believe my students deserve the best and it is my responsibility to give it to them.

I am always looking for ways to enrich my students learning and I know they would love receiving fun surprises in the mail! This is such an amazing opportunity! Thank you!

Jerrie Sigut said...

This is a wonderful opportunity. My class is second grade in a parochial school. Teachers do not get a budget for any extras for their room: i.e. dry erase markers, cleaning supplies, classroom books, classroom furniture, folders, notebooks etc. Anything like this must be purchased by us if we want it or through donations. Thank you for being generous with your time and money. It is greatly appreciated.

Patti Katzman said...

My classroom is my students sanctuary. Living in a neighborhood where gangs run the block and you don't know where your next meal is coming from is a scary thing. Most of my students come into my class with very little English or Language period. They have every possible strike against them. AND YET, they are the hardest working kids I have ever worked with. Every day I am met with smiles and hugs. They don't have much, but they have LOTS of love to share.

Being the recipient of this adoption would be such an amazing treat for my class. Life is tough for these little guys. While other children their age are off to ballet or sports after school, many of my kids go "home" to nothing! Literally nothing, no food, for running water, no electricity! Last year one of my "cubs" shared with the class, "My sister was so lucky last night, she got YOGURT for dinner, I had a bowl of cold rice!"

As tough as these kids have it, they come to school everyday! They come to me with the expectation that while they are with me, everything is going to be OK. I do my best to make sure that expectation is met. I love these little guys. Receiving a monthly surprise would be an awesome experience for them. Thank you!

Mrs. A said...

How kind this is and how difficult this is going to be for you!

I teach an amazing group of students with significant disabilities. I have most of my students for 5 years, so while I create and buy products for various themes and goals, I have to continuously create/buy new ones so my students do not grow bored (or say "I already did this," when they had the year before). My school is Title 1 and even in an area of Title 1 schools, we consistently have the greatest percentage of students on free/reduced lunch (high 80 - low 90%). While this sounds basically like all the others entries that I have read, I want to talk specifically about the group of students that I currently have. These kiddos celebrate and get excited about everything! We took them on a field trip and on the bus ride one of the kids got SO excited and said, "Mrs. A, what is that?" I was so confused. I said, "construction." The student said, "Construction. Bridge. Can I build it with paper?" Yes. Yes, you can. A factory was celebrated. The amazing green building was oohed and aahed about. Another student, said, "This is the best day ever!" (which resulted in singing of the Sponge Bob song of the same title). My kids could be defeated by how hard they work at school and life, but they are not. They are still celebrating every little thing! If they can't find what they want for a prize, the build it out of paper. As kids who do not have the electronics and expensive things that other children do, they are so creative. I have seen a student create a pinata out of an empty box. I can imagine how exciting a box FULL OF STUFF arriving would be! I can imagine it on the calendar and all the exciting conversation and math and writing we could do before and after it comes. Although I do appreciate that they saw the beauty in common things, my students deserve to celebrate awesome instead of just construction and factories and buildings!

Thank you for this opportunity.

Marcia said...

I love Melonheadz and how they make everyone happy. They will help improve the environment of my classroom. This is going to be a transitional year for our district, building and grade level. Anything that improves it would be greatly appreciated. My students are coming from four very different classrooms. Many had no rules. We are a partially departmentalized fifth grade that have set standards. Many of my students are performing below grade level and come from split homes. Our rural setting and our Title I status doesn't help. We need Nikki and Melonheadz to brighten our day.

Holly Hawley said...

I love when you find people who are willing to add a little joy to a child's day. Isn't that why we all got into this field?? I teach in one of the lowest socio-economic districts in PA. Many of my students come from government housing and broken homes.
I teach 2nd grade and absolutely love working with my students. They don't come from much but when they get something to look "forward" to (Last year it was science experiments and this year we are going to raise chicks that have come from my farm:)
Despite the difficulties, our students are hard-working and dedicated especially when they realize someone, ANYONE, out there loves and cares for them.
I think the idea of monthly boxes is an amazing idea for whichever classroom is awarded. It will feel like Christmas Eve EVERY month!! I can just imagine having the box delivered by the principal or another friend and all of the fantastic creations and learning that will stem from something so simple!!
We recently moved buildings and the students had such a disruptive year we are really looking forward to hitting the academics hard this year. Having additional resources to encourage hands-on learning would be amazing.
Melonheadz graphics are used on so many of our materials and the kids just love them:)
What a great idea and thank you for your generosity:)

Teach With Laughter said...

As a Canadian teacher I am unable to enter, but just wanted to say WOW - what a great thing you're doing! Thanks for helping and loving kids :)

Janice Galarza said...

Hi, I teach in an Special Education Inclusion Bilingual Pre-K classroom. We serve a low income community and families.

I am blessed to have a wonderful co-teacher that shares the same passion for early childhood education as I do.

Melonheadz is just amazing and the graphics bring a smile in everyone's faces.

Thank yoy,

Leann Oatman said...

I am a Special Education Teacher in Enid, Oklahoma. Funding for Education was just cut here. The students that I work with are often come from homes with little parental support and financial support, like many of the other applicants. However, I work within my own classroom and co-teach Pre-K thru 5th grade. I buy food, rewards/reinforcers, and sometimes clothing for my students. When each child comes into my classroom they enter a safe, stable and caring environment. I truly treat them as if they were family. I would love it if my class was adopted! I often have to create differentiated material for my kiddos. I work very hard to make learning fun for all of them. However, making items or buying them can be very expensive. Each year my case load changes with a different type of student. So I am constantly making or buying new items not to mention the school themes that change every year. This year our theme is super hero's. Everyone can be a super hero. Rarely have I been able to use the same materials year after year. Like others have mentioned , if the student stays within my school I will have them for the entire time they are enrolled in elementary school. New material and ideas are always needed! It would be an honor to receive this adoption and my students would truly benefit with the extra support!

Brittany Washburn said...

Thank you for holding this giveaway! I would love for my classroom to be considered. I teach science and technology specials (mostly science, with technology projects and integration) for grades PreK-5 plus Autistic students. I am thinking of how much your graphics could benefit my older students, I'm thinking grades 4 and 5. When they do their research and create projects your graphics would make their final products so cute! Plus it will help me to have conversations about copyright and creative works! I know that my classroom could definitely benefit from donations of resources. We use interactive notebooks, which require so much paper, glue, colored pencils, etc. we would be thrilled to share our work with you after it is completed. Thank you for the opportunity!

Mrs. Nicolau said...

Thank you Nikki for doing this again!!
Teaching bilingual students has always been part of my life. As a bilingual teacher I have witnessed many parents that struggle with giving to their children what they need in school. Having the opportunity to buy materials and classroom supply will allow my classroom's parents to feel and have the support they might need. I'll be teaching PreK this year, so I know we will need to have many and different supplies to engage this little learners and show them that school is not only a safe place, but also a learning and fun place to be!
Thank you Nikki again for this great giveaway! :) (I'm crossing fingers and toes and hopefully I win it this year)

Brinca into Bilingual

Mrs. Hennessy said...

Wow! This is an amazing opportunity that I would love to be a part of. I am a 1st grade dual language teacher. I teach both English and Spanish to a class of 22 students. Eleven are native Spanish speaking and eleven are native English speakers. I love my program and my students work so hard, not only learning content area skills and how to read and write in their native language but also in their second language. My program is very rewarding but also challenging at times because I am the only teacher teaching in both languages-two curriculums, TONS of books, and much more! I utilize a large amount of manipulatives and visuals into my lessons to help my students grasp the skills in both languages.
I am not only a teacher to my kids but a mother, social worker, doctor, psychologist, and even a chef to make sure they not only have the tools for their education but also the tools to help them survive. Some of my students come from a home life that is great and others, not so much. I am there for all of my students, providing whatever I can to help them all be successful in both school and life. This would be such a great experience for them and I really hope my classroom gets picked!! Thank you again for this amazing opportunity!

OhioMom2 said...

What an amazing gift you are giving to a special classroom. I would love to nominate my class of first graders. We are in a Cleveland suburb on the East aside. I moved to this building two years ago and the amount of student needs boggles my mind. There were four students who lost a parent in the last quarter of the year. My class of 25 students last year included 9 IEP students. I would love to be able to support my students who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and show them that there are good caring people all across this amazing country who recognize he good in them and want to see them succeed today and in the future.

Kiah said...

What a great opportunity! I'm a 6th year teacher, in a first grade classroom. My little group of kiddos (I usually range from 6-12 kids) come from different backgrounds to make our family. A great deal of my paycheck is spent buying items for the classroom to provide a rich & diverse experience for them (and fun!), but with my first little guy coming this October, I know I will have to cut back drastically. As with any of the other teachers that are commenting here, I just want to provide a great learning experience for my littles :) Thank you for your generosity & thank you for helping teachers! You have a truly sweet heart!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Nikki! This is such a generous thing to do. In a way, I'm glad I read through many of the comments posted above, because they made me realize that there are lots of classrooms who need your skills and love more than mine. So I just want to say a huge thank you for doing this. It's very generous!

Paula Shaw said...

I know I cannot enter, you are amazing in this most generous offer. As I read these stories your choice will be so difficult.

Jonathan and Cheri said...

Nikki - I hope I can enter for my friend in Maui! Her name is Allison Burns and she teaches first grade. She is deserving of a special treat that would be a surprise =) Her mom battled cancer and chemo last year and then her dad passed away this March, so it's been a rough year for her but she loves the kids and teaching! She teaches at Paia Elementary, I know your adoption would bring happiness to her and her kiddos. Appreciate the consideration.

k said...

You should adopt my class because my students are unique. I teach 3-5 year olds with autism and other low incidence disabilities. We have so much fun learning! I use so much of your clip art to teach them vocabulary (almost all of them are currently nonverbal) and we love to have things that are visually engaging like your Melonheadz. Some days are so very hard but most days we smile and laugh and connect with each other. I have very limited things for them (am collecting more every year) and would love to be adopted!

joalderete said...

What a sweet and generous idea! I would absolutely love for my class to win (...I know, so does everyone else :)). I work in a Title 1 school in Concord, California (31 miles east of SF-go Niners!). Most of my classes have been made up of Hispanics. Their families are poor. Most parents don't speak English well (if at all-lucky for me and them, I speak Spanish!). I would just like to make my class feel special-like the ones in more affluent neighborhoods. I try to do it on my own, but my pocketbook can only go so far. They get so excited when I give them the littlest gifts (Halloween, Christmas, End of Year). They say, "You're the best teacher ever!". Just warms my heart. So, yes, I would love for my class to win and make them feel extra special!

Candice Krogh said...

WOW!! What a great project. I teach in a Title 1 school, with a 90% ELL population. The families provide what they can, and our community pitches in for the students. This would give me the money for the 'extras'. I teach Kindergarten. With tis we could cook, make nicer gifts for the parents, get books from Scholastic for each child. Thank you again for this. And congrats to whomever wins, Enjoy

Dani Lynch said...

This is a great idea! Gutted it's only for USA residents though, if you ever change your mind and fancy an international Adoption then I'll be here!!


Brenna H said...

I teach at a school that is next to a large US Marine Corps base in North Carolina. We practically share a fence! :o)

The majority of our students are military children.

Military life is tough. Every 2-3 years, you move and meet new friends at a new school. Your mom or dad is away up to 18 months at a time. I know and understand the military culture because I am a military child, myself.

Their moms and dads are our heroes and I am so grateful for their service to our country. My students are REAL heroes, too. Day in and day out, they are super troopers. Sometimes Mom and Dad can be gone for up to 18 months at a time and in places all over the world. Places that they see on TV and that are on the nightly news. Yet, they still keep smiling. These students have been through and have seen so much more than I will ever know. They are real heroes. I am "honored" to be the teacher of the most AWEsome students. They are are the bravest little people I know!!!! I am in AWE of them! I am so grateful to teach them everyday. I am who I am because of them and their courage.
Semper Fi! :o)

Brenna H.

Allison said...

Oh my goodness what a wonderful idea. I teach at a title one school where lately the kids have been teaching me more than I teach them. They come from many walks of life and various backgrounds. Some living with family members who are doing the best they can do and others who are just thankful for a place to come and feel save. First grade students who have more of a story to tell about life and life lessons than I ever will. Students who are just so determined to learn and make something of themselves. These are just a few reasons why my kids are deserving. It doesn't matter if I come in with all the bells and whistles or just teach a simple lesson they are eager to learn. Thank you for considering myself and my class for this generous gift.

Mrs. Lundquist said...

After being in a science lab for many years, my science unit got cut and I am starting over in second grade. I am super excited about my students, but we are lacking in classroom decorations and supplies with little money to buy what the veteran second grade teachers have available to their students and classrooms. We would love to win this! Thank you. :)

Debra Horton said...

Wow. I am so thankful for generous people like you who are willing to give back. I don't know of any teacher including myself who doesn't need and appreciate help getting needed supplies for the room and/or the kids we buy for every year! We have a range of needs for the kids at my school so any and all help is appreciated. Middle schoolers have so much going on and need just as much help as the elementary level kids. I would love for my students to have the opportunity to ge gracious and grateful for a gift from you! Thanks again for your willingness to give back!

Jess said...

Nikki, what a generous thing you are doing here! I think every teacher out there and their class deserves this fun treat! I don't know that my class has anything in particular that would make it more deserving than others. I teach second grade. I know my class would love the opportunity to become friends with you and your kidlettes! I already use so many of your kidlettes and TpT products with your clipart, and the kids always love them! Thanks for the chance!

Jess said...

Nikki, what a generous thing you are doing here! I think every teacher out there and their class deserves this fun treat! I don't know that my class has anything in particular that would make it more deserving than others. I teach second grade. I know my class would love the opportunity to become friends with you and your kidlettes! I already use so many of your kidlettes and TpT products with your clipart, and the kids always love them! Thanks for the chance!

Lori McDonald said...

How wonderful of you to offer this opportunity. Each year I am blessed with a new class of cherubs that bring all the wonder of being young and absorb like little sponges. They come from homes of every size, filled with love, challenges, struggles and with a desire to learn and dream of what they will grow to be. Poverty is a given yet they appreciate all the wonderful opportunities others may miss out on because they are too busy with lessons and activities. My cherubs start the year as little caterpillars that enter metamorphosis changing into beautiful butterflies.
Art, music and physical activities are gifts so many find are hidden talents. Thank you for the chance to be your special class.

Andrea said...


Thank you for giving everyone a chance to participate :)
I believe my class deserves this sweet adoption because they are the sweetest kids ever. They work together and act like a family. All of them come from different homes however our school is title 1. Some of our families have had trouble financially so I've had to provide for many of these kiddos. I don't mind doing so because it is my desire to show them the heart and acts of being a servant leader.
I think all teachers have a heart of Gold including yourself, and I hope whoever is selected with this chance is being blessed in a great way.

Thank you so much,


Starkey Class said...

I just want to say what a wonderful thing you are doing. I'm fortunate to teach in an area where the district and parents provide much of what is needed.

Stephanie M said...

It is very generous of you to offer this opportunity. I am lucky to be working in a brand new building this year. However, it is a charter school, so we receive less funding (approx. 60% of what district schools receive) than schools that are a part of the local district. What funding our school does still have left over this year from building the school, is being focused on curriculum and furnishing the rooms, leaving teachers little funding for the classroom supplies unless they choose to spend their money out of their own pocket. I want the best for my students, and love engaging in project-based learning with them, but it can be a struggle with limited resources. I love the clip art you create and have used it for several activities in my classroom last year and the kids loved it. Thanks for the chance to be the class you adopt!

Churchman Crew said...

Wow! What an amazing thing to do!!! Thank you for your kindness, and huge congrats to whomever wins!!!

I have been in different levels of education for several years, but this will be my 1st year teaching kindergarten in the great state of Texas ;) As a Mom of a son who has special needs, I pursued my teaching certificate in special ed as well as general ed in hopes I will be lucky enough to have some kiddos with IEP's in my class this year to make the year magical for all of my Kinders. That being said, tailoring curriculum to meet various needs in any classroom is a challenge, especially one that is blessed with those who need a bit more tailoring if you know what I mean. As a single mom and 1st time Kinder teacher, I would love, love, love to have my class adopted by you, Nikki! *crossing my fingers*

Karen Rowland said...

I teach first grade in a Title One School in Oklahoma. This means that the majority of our students are on free or reduced lunches because of low socioeconomic status. We do not get money from our district to be able to spend in our classrooms each year. Everything I buy and need for my classroom comes out of my own pocket. It would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to win this. I can't even imagine how this would benefit my 25 students. Thank you so much for the opportunity!
Karen Rowland

Adventures With Firsties

michelle lanning said...

Yay! What an awesome chance! I would love for my class to be adopted. I am not sure any one class is more deserving than another, but I can say that we would greatly appreciate it and use any and all resources to their fullest. My group of firsties always identify with your clip art and often make connections with items that have them on it. I would love to be a part of such an amazing "gift"

Everyone deServes to Learn said...

What a generous thing to do. I'm an ESL teacher in South Jersey. Most of my students are refugees from Burma. I use your materials to make age and grade-level appropriate materials so they can learn language and content. My students love to see fun clipart on my products- it's a conversation starter. We would love for you to adopt us!


Kathryn Buckner said...

I would love a chance to win! I teach 5th grade Reading and ELA. I have already utilized a few Melonheadz around my classroom. My students absolutely love them! I made a melon head for each teacher they rotate to using your teacher templates. My students thought it was so cool! I would love to give them a chance to design their own or find one that looks like them. I also would love to use Melonheadz in our interactive notebooks/worksh
eets/and letters for parents.
This is such a generous thing you're doing! We would love for you to adopt us! I know my kids would love it!

- Kat Buckner

vicky1970 said...

Nikki - my friend this is such a wonderful opportunity - thank you for the chance . I'm moving from first to third grade. I have had several of these kids and am looping several of them. 2 of my angel baby boys will need something to look forward to - one lost his mom to breast cancer last year and another sweet boy lost his father. I am truly the perfect teacher to teach them as I list my mama to cancer. I feel honored to be trusted with these little guys. I think they would be ecstatic to have a treat to look forward to each month . My one little guy 's dad has checked out and he feels lost. I know it will be hard to pick thank you again - Vicky.

Jameson Michelle said...

I first want to say that I love that there are a few teachers that know that this prize belongs to a classroom that really deserves it, and I find that not only heartwarming but also so selfless that it makes me really happy to be a colleague with these particular teachers.

Second I would like to nominate all 6 of my 6th grade classes. I teach middle school math. Math is a subject that is often hard and frustrating for many of my students. It doesn't help that most of my students are new to the country, or from low income families where parents are working many jobs and can not help them at home.

6th grade is hard. Middle school is hard. Most of my classroom money as a teacher goes to making my 6th graders feel like I care about them in the same way their classroom 5th grade teacher did with birthday supplies, popcorn parties, and winter break gifts. Having close to 200 students that I care so much for means that even if I spend .50 per kid, I am still spending 100$ each time I try to show them I care with a gift.

I will be totally honest, I do not need glue sticks, or pencils, my community and KIDS IN NEED provide that for us (thank you cards mandatory). Why do I want my students to win this? So that my students know that even though they are now in Middle School does not mean that they do not have at least ONE cheerleader who knows they can accomplish anything that they put their mind and effort to.

Good Luck to everyone who enters. We as teachers ALL know that there are THOUSANDS of classrooms that should get this love every month.

Lessons With Coffee 

Caroline Jones said...

Those of us who are totally NOT artistic are in awe of people like you who can create such beautiful things. How generous you are to use your artistic talent to benefit others! I teach fourth grade in a community where many students suffer from the effects of generation after generation of poverty. It's a vicious cycle that I aim to break. Every year I have a high percentage of my students who improve more than one grade level. However, our physical environment does not support and excitement to learn. My school, built in the 1905s, has a very "institutional" feel with eggshell cinder block walls and little or no built in storage. I've spent a fortune on bookcases for my 5,000 title classroom library. I would love to be adopted!

My Teacher Desk said...

Thanks for all you do!
My class would love this as well!

Mrs. Banister said...

Reading all of these entries is inspiring in and of itself. Thank you for giving back and for the opportunity to become "your class." :)

I teach kindergarten in the poorest county in Indiana. My kiddos come to me eager to learn, not yet noticing the poverty around them. With this poverty comes all kinds of related issues: Substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, lack of food...I could go on for days. While I have a fund for supplies for my students, it doesn't touch what is needed to make a classroom run successfully. To give my students what they need to become lifelong learners, I have to step up and use my own money to give them opportunities they may never have otherwise. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change giving them those opportunities for anything in the world, but it does drain a pocketbook. :)

Being your adopted class would mean so much to me, but it would mean even more to my students. This would allow me to open up the world that they may never see even more so than I already try to do.

Melissa Cloud said...

Nikki, this is such a generous offer. As a teacher, I always want to provide my students with the best learning experience ever, And there's nothing better than Melonheadz. The adorable clip arts are floating around everywhere around our school, church, and TPT. There's a smile on my face every time I see one of your beautiful products. I have had several students comment on the cute kidlettes on the worksheets, task cards, anchor charts, and classroom posters. I know that your products have brought interest to students who may have been disengaged prior to your clip art creations. What an honor it would be to win and provide even more of your creations to their lives. I know that what you do is making a difference and think you are a true inspiration to others. If I, or my students, can work as hard as you, our future will shine as bright as those bright smiles on your sets. As I'm writing and thinking about serving others, I'm realizing that there are more classrooms that are more deserving of this wonderful opportunity, as our school has many of our needs met. So, I'm going to revoke my application to win, and instead would love to contribute somehow. Your hard work, dedication, and generosity is abundantly admired by many!!! Maybe we can talk about having a second place winner with some prizes that I can provide? Love you!!! XO

A Teaspoon of Teaching

Riana Palacios said...

Mrs. Palacios’ Kindergarten Cubs from Madison Camelview in Phoenix, Arizona would be honored to be adopted by you! Today, we crafted our classroom mission statement using words and phrases directly from the brilliant minds of our little family. Here is what we came up with:

We come to school every day to learn and have fun! We help each other get to the next level by sharing, helping and caring for one another. We are CUBS!

There are so many ways that your adoption could help promote and achieve our classroom mission statement.

• Attendance can be spotty, but the anticipation for a monthly box would boost student turnout on a daily basis, no doubt!

• What is not fun about your amazing doodles! There is so much more engagement in learning when your illustrations are a part of it!

• You are the epitome of leading by example in this portion of our mission statement with such a giveaway. I couldn’t think of a better role model to endorse these social skills than someone who would take us under their wing to do just what is stated.

• Our C.U.B.S. expectations are Courteous & Respectful, Understanding Responsibility, Being Safe, and Staying Organized. The community closeness that would be a direct result of this opportunity would guide our kinders to be successful at following these expectations throughout their elementary career on our campus!

There are so many deserving classrooms, thanks for making this opportunity available to all!

Tracey Schimke said...

I would LOVE to win this. I am addicted to your clip art and have redone most of my decorations to your kids this summer. I am starting my 26th year of teaching in 2 weeks. I think my students would benefit from winning by...your clip art makes me smile and happy every day. This makes my students smile and happy as well. A happy teacher and a happy class = a wonderful learning experience.

Thanks for the chance-
Third Grade All Stars

Kate said...

This is such an amazing gift to a very lucky classroom! Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and treasure with the world.
I am a second year teacher at an urban school in Tennessee. My school is unique because it is a private Catholic school, but through generous donations most of our school's families pay about $100 a month for their education. Over 90% are on free and reduced lunch, and for many of my kiddos, my school is their way towards a better and safer life. Because so much of our money is spent on scholarships, we don't have much in the way of supplies. Shower board is my best friend! What I do love about my school is how loving and safe it is for these kids. The neighborhood around us is a scary place, and even second graders know and appreciate what a sanctuary school is!

Sweet Tea and Second Grade

Melinda said...

I would love to win to give my kids a more comfortable environment. They come for rough circumstances and many are at risk and on free and reduced lunch. This would go to help give them a more interactive environment to help my wiggly 1st graders focus.

julie said...

Holy smokes you are generous! Thank you!!
What a blessing you are to so many students already, and now to add another class!
My class would love this honor! Our school lost our Title1 funding, but our students have not changed. This is taking many, many resources away from all of our kiddos :(. Devastating.
This opportunity would be a great chance to teach them how important giving back is!
Our district also does not offer art to our elementary students. Such a sad, sad thing this is. With your amazing artistic abilities, I would love to be able to offer them more of a chance at art, even though we don't have a separate class!
Thanks for your consideration!

Pennie said...

What a fantastic opportunity you have given all of us. Thanks. For the past eight years I have been given $75.00 as my yearly budget from the special ed department. The school has never provided for my students even though they are the school's students. Like many of those who have written already I teach in a Title 1 school and I teach 3-6 year old students with special needs. My students function from a 3 month to 2 year old level. They are all nonverbal so we make almost all of our activities and the cost adds up very quickly. The $75.00 covers the cost of 2 large rolls of velcro and a package of card stock every year. Some of my students have never brought any school supplies and it leaves it to the classroom teacher to take it from the family budget to provide for the classroom. Your offer is very generous and will be much appreciated by whoever should win.
Thanks again for giving us this opportunity.

Frank Saraco said...

What an amazing "pay it forward" project! I've always taught my students the importance of giving back to others, no matter how small the gesture. I'm a first grade teacher at Park View Elementary in Mooresville, NC. We are a K-3 Title I school where every teacher truly embodies our district's goal of 'every child, every day'. This past March we lost our TA unexpectedly. It was a tragedy that I've never had to deal with in 25 years of teaching. Somehow, with a God's strength and tons of support, we made it through. Children are resilient, but life isn't always fair. I'm in the process of revamping the classroom for the upcoming school year- new year, new theme. Teachers officially report back on Monday- but the school parking lot has been crowded with cars since last week. It would be pretty cool to be your adopted bunch. Thanks for the opportunity! or

Melanie Morgan said...

This is an exceptional offer and I am honored to be able to even request my class to be selected.

I teach on a military base. My students come to me for a safe, loving, and nurturing environment while their parents are deployed, recovering from their injuries (our military base houses the hospital where most wounded are treated - where my own husband, a wounded warrior, recovered), or while they complete their duty to our country in training or with their service. They come with varied levels of academic experience, huge gaps due to the high mobility, and parental support varies greatly between very active to non-existent. They often come with no school supplies, especially when they transition in during the year. The supplies would greatly help offset this expense and I would promptly submit the itemized receipt.

I strive to provide them a place to embrace the amazing honor it is to be a child of a military servicemember, while recognizing the difference they can start making in the world around them. We sign up for postcard exchanges so that they can share their unique perspective of being new to our state (to give to others) while allowing them to connect with experiences shared on postcards to us.

Due to services available at the aforementioned hospital, we have a high special education population, and diversity is rich - in my class alone this upcoming year, I have 2 non-English speakers (one speaks Spanish and the other Tagalog), 3 special education with 2 having severe needs, students who haven't been in school or social situations before, and an extremely gifted. I haven't even been given my class list - these are ones we had special meetings on. But what a great environment to allow students to learn to accept, befriend, and learn alongside others who are different. We are also "moderately high poverty" and a year hasn't gone by that I am not paying off the lunch account of a student. I strive to provide the very best opportunities to my students. Sometimes mentioning the military aspect can offend other's beliefs, and that isn't my intention. I only mention it because it is one of the factors that makes my class such a unique, diverse entity. We are not a DODEA/DODDS school so we do not get the additional benefits of being a government school. We are a traditional public school.

I have known since I was lining up my stuffed animals to teach when in preschool that I would be a teacher. I drive 90 minutes round trip to work because I teach some of the best kids in the nation.

While I could selfish use the graphics credit for myself, I would love to have a "melonhead" made of each of my students to create products in my classroom that they are engaged with and excited about. I could make readers, word problems, and bring my students even more into the work to be a part of the experience.

I can't even imagine the excitement a gift box would bring every single month. My kids would have another positive distraction and something to look forward to as they count down the days to reuniting with a loved one.

Melissa M said...

Wow! This is an amazing opportunity. I teach at a small Christian school. The tuition only covers some of the operating costs so we have fundraisers to make up the difference. We do not get funds to purchase things for our classroom so the teachers spend a lot of their own money to decorate their classroom or buy supplemental teaching materials. Our enrollment has declined this year and this would be a boost financially and emotionally. Thank you for your consideration.

Melissa O'Bryan said...

We would LOVE to win. I teach 5th graders in FLINT Michigan. Most of my students come from struggling families who are in survival mode. They are great kids who just deserve a little extra love in this hard world. Plus, they are 5th graders who are transitioning from "School is Cool" to "School is Cruel." Whatever we can do to keep them loving school, is worth it!! Thank you so much for considering us. Winning your giveaway would definitely raise some spirits over in good old FLINT!!!

Melissa O'Bryan
Wild About Fifth

Jen said...

Wow! So many children in need.... It is going to be a difficult decision for you! What a generous gift for a classroom! I teach first grade smack dab in the middle of farm country in Minnesota. I am like any other teacher who has written their story on here. I have students in need, students who face challenges everyday, students who have had to deal with so much in their short lives. Yet they still come to school with a smile on their face and joy in their eyes over something so simple as finding a grasshopper on the playground. It would be wonderful to be adopted by you! Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome experience!

Laura Spalding said...

In a nutshell...FUN!!!!!!!! Children need to understand that learning is fun and that within that learning, the world is their oyster! I can see how this excitement that you so kindly and graciously extend to so many children, creates the opportunities to allow the children to express how they feel and how they respond to all those things in life...but you allow it with a fun, positive, kind and exciting opportunity! I would love to win, but whatever classroom is lucky enough to be the recipient of your generosity and spirit, will learn so much by your actions! How amazing is that!!!! (That's what I love about my job, too!!!!) : ^ ) !!!!

Sarah Lindsay said...

My class would love to win! I teach Kindergarten at a day care and we are a brand new school. Most of my classroom resources are out of pocket (I love TPT). My students absolutely love my custom Melonheadz illustration of my dog Filly. They know I love dogs.

Just as our school is just starting out, I am also a new Kindergarten teacher building her classroom inventory and clipart. I would love for Melonheadz to adopt our class of Pawsitively Perfect Kindergarteners!

Robyn Gibson said...

I would love to win this for my class. The kids are what this is all about. I can see their faces now opening their box. Learning how to be gracious and then say thank you will be wonderful lesson for them to learn at this young age. Thank you for all you do!

Katie Smith said...

Pure Amazing-ness! Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity!

I moved to Michigan a year ago and had a super hard time getting into the public school system. Due to budget issues, many schools will not hire teachers with experience or a Masters Degree (I have both). However, I FINALLY found a job teaching third grade at a Title I school here in Michigan! Hooray! It truly seems like the perfect fit for me. My school is a small K-4 elementary where 90% of the students receive free/reduced lunch. Most students don't have access to learning materials or lots of academic support at home as their parents are working two or more jobs to make ends meet, or my students are growing up in a single-parent or grandparent home. I want to make sure every day in our classroom is filled with meaningful learning experiences and the best instruction and materials possible. I am currently working on adding lower-level texts to my classroom library. I taught third grade for 10 years previously, but at a highly affluent school where students were on or above grade level coming into the year. Since many of my students are now below grade level, I am revamping my book supplies and trying to create a cozy new classroom. Having an adoptive parent to support our classroom would be an amazing blessing!

Thanks so much again,
I Want to be a Super Teacher

A New Box Of Crayons said...

Wow, you truly are an amazing person! I absolutely love your clip art and reading your blog, so when I saw this post I jumped for joy!Here we go... I believe my classroom should be adopted for many reasons, but I will only share one. I could probably share our demographics at my school or our free/reduced lunch rate. I could also probably share with you some heartbreaking stories, but I'm not here to throw a pity party. I am here to tell you why I believe my class would benefit from being adopted by you! I believe my class needs to know that there are people outside of school and our town that care about them and what they are learning. I want them to know that there are people out there who love them even though they may not know who they are! These kiddos need to see the GOOD in this world and that there are amazing people all around! Having my classroom adopted would open so many doors not only for my students, but for myself as their Teacher!I could teach them so many life lessons about being thankful, gracious and helping others even when you aren't asked to do so. I want to thank you for this opportunity and I cannot wait to see what this experience holds!

Thank you so much!


Kaylie said...

Thank you for your kind heart to help out a special classroom. I discovered Melonheadz last year and the wide smiling cherubs helped my class and I get through a rough year. I thought of your faith based designs too and they reminded me that the strength GOD gives me each day would be enough to get me through and help me to lift up my sweet pumpkins. Last year, at least one student in my room persevered, living in a shelter, losing a parent, not enough money to meet basic needs, being diagnosed with a tumor, moving to a new school 5 times by second grade, and struggling with learning issues.) I realized after last year, it was the CARING and really listening to my students that was the most important part of my teaching. I learned a lot and created my new mantra "ADJUST the tiara and MOVE on" (I would LOVE a melonheadz design with my quote! LOL)

So many deserving teachers have commented and there are so many children AND teachers who are more deserving than me. I know you will chose a most deserving and appreciative class. Even though my students and I would LOVE it, choosing another AMAZING teacher would make us all happy!

Kourtney Payton said...

This would be wonderful to win! I teach at a Title 1 school with limited funds for supplies so we rely on what we are able to purchase with those limited funds, what I can purchase and the few donations our parents are able to make. My students have always enjoyed surprises and I can't imagine what would be a better surprise than receiving supplies each month to help us along! Additionally, many of the center materials I use feature Melonheadz clip art, which my students have always enjoyed and I know my new students will enjoy it as well! Thanks for considering us!


Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners

Bethany Ray said...

Oh, my what to say!!! Why do I want my students to be adopted by YOU? Hmm….I have just recently switched grade levels from first to third and from a lower percentage of students on free and reduced lunch to a higher percentage of students on free or reduced lunch and it is TITLE 1. Why, you ask? Because I wanted to share my passion for teaching, writing curriculum, creativity, excitement, energy, and honestly just to help other students, teachers, and parents in any way that I can. I want to help teachers help the students they teach, help parents learn how to help their children the way we teach now, as well as to give more students the experience of a life time of learning in my own classroom. All of the things that I create will help students, parents, teachers, and admidistration to do their jobs to the fullest and be the BEST they can BE for ALL of the LIVES we touch daily in EVERY way!!! <3

Jess said...

You are amazing! My Mom is a Special Ed teacher and even though she doesn't have a classroom full of
all one grade, everyone in the elementary knows who Mrs. Johnson is and that she will take care
of them - even if they aren't in her program! Her funding was changed this year and she
HAS to buy her supplies through the school, so things she would find on sale are regular price (or more ha ha)
and so the money goes fast. I love teachers and law enforcement and soldiers and firemen,
and I support anything we can do for these kind selfless people! Thanks for the contest!! Cheers.
Jess (even though the email says Derek HaHa!)

Kathy Kauffman said...

After 15 years teaching kindergarten for the same elementary; I was chosen to be the lead teacher at our brand new campus opening in August. The decision was very difficult, yet rewarding. I had to leave many of my materials at my old school. Supplies and materials are limited at my new campus. I have spent too much out of pocket to prepare for my new classroom. This gift would be greatly appreciated.

Courtney said...

I don't deserve it more than anyone else, but I sure would love to win! I teach at-risk Kindergarten and love to make their environment inviting! Thanks for the wonderful graphics!

Jennifer Schoeler said...

I teach full day kindergarten at a high risk school in Washington State. I don't deserve this any more than any other teachers that have entered this, and many other teachers that have posted have very similar students as mine. However, each and every day, regardless of what home was like, when they ate last, who was or wasn't home with them, or the way they were treated, my kids come to school ready to love, laugh and LEARN, every single day. Sure, we have days that are tough, and I mean REALLY tough, and we face our fair share of challenges, but we do it TOGETHER. We are a family, not just our classroom, but our school, and we never leave anyone in our family behind, or without the love and support they need. My kids are truly MY KIDS. I love them with my whole heart, and will love them to eternity. I don't have all of the answers, and I will not pretend that I love every part of my job, or that I don't leave in tears, because I do. But I love what I do, in spite of all of that. I love my job because of them. I wish I could give my kids the world, I wish that I could bring them home with me, and take away all of their problems, but I can't. I can give them my heart, I can give them my best, and I can share how amazing they are with anyone and everyone I meet. I hope to be able to share with you, how incredible they are. Thank you for all you do, and for your amazing work!! Hugs and love!

Nicole Seekell said...

What a fantastic opportunity and I would like to thank you for being given the chance to win. I am a second year Teacher trying to figure out her groove. Last year was a "hang on for you life and enjoy the ride" year and this year has room for improvement. I am teaching Kindergarten in Nampa, Idaho and I haven't met any of my students for the 2014-2015 year yet, but I am sure they will be just as adorable as last years students. I also teach an Extended Kindergarten Class for students who need extra help.

Leigh Ann Azlin said...

I am new to my school. We are a small, rural school. I took my Pre-K job without looking at the room. When I saw it, my heart went to the bottom of my feet. It was so old, worn out, and dingy. I wanted to cry. Pre-K babies need a bright, sunny, happy classroom in order to blossom and grow. So, I sucked it up and spent the entire summer with sandpaper and a paintbrush in my hand. If it stood still in the room, I painted it! I also weeded out all the old, dusty resources and am working on finding ways to fill the room with quality materials.

Our school is in an economically disadvantaged area. The majority of our families qualify for free lunches. They are loving families who care for their children and want a quality education for their children. We have a dedicated, experienced staff who work with the slimmest of school-provided materials.

My sweet four year olds are so deserving of anything that you would have to offer. Most of these babies have never been away from their families before. They are eager to learn and they soak up all the experiences that I provide for them. While I do all that I am able, I am a single parent of a disabled child and it is very difficult for me to spend the amount of money necessary to make this program the best it can be. It would be amazing to be able to share this prize with my kiddos!

Thank you for the opportunity to enter this generous contest.

Mary Carlson said...

I have not met my new class yet - they start Sept. 2nd but we would love to have a monthly gift and other cool things from you. Thank you for the opportunity!

McCumbee Talent Development said...

Wow! This is so amazing! I My students would love to win this! I think this would be perfect for my fourth graders because we are really focusing on leadership and creativity this year. I teach 22 gifted fourth graders who keep me on my toes. This would be a great way to encourage them to think outside the box about possible job interests. I know that we would have so much fun with this partnership. Pick Me! Pick Me!

Heather said...

My class is full of 19 wonderful 2nd graders who would be very excited to win such a generous prize. Our school is a Title 1 school and many of our students come to school without the basic supplies that they need to be successful. Winning this opportunity will show my class the generosity of others and the "outside the box" opportunities that are available to each of them. I tell them all the time that they can be anything they want to be and do anything they want to do. This opportunity will show them that this is possible. Thank you for the opportunity to have this chance for my students.

Swinging Through Second Grade

Missfirstie said...

I would absolutely love to receive this generous opportunity!!! I LOVE you work & my kids do too!

Angela Lourenco
First grade

shannon said...

This is my second year of teaching and I am excited to be back in first grade. I work in Las Vegas, NV in an area that students are often coming and going due to unstable living conditions. Many of these students live with many family members or in temporary living situations. They do not all come to school ready to learn, and I have found myself getting their school supplies or snacks when we have run out. These kiddos are such bright little stars. I want to be able to do as much for every class I get as possible to make a difference in their lives that outside of my four walls may not be a safe or stable environment. Adopting my class means that you get to play a part in my student's well-being at school, their self-esteem, and you will give them something to look forward to each and every month. I want to give that to be able to give that to these children.

Jennifer Wilhelm said...

This year is my second year of teaching and I am returning to 2nd grade again. I love my kiddos and they bring so much joy to my life. Our district is a Title I district and our kiddos struggle for so much in their lives, both in and out of school. This year my theme for my class is showing them the bigger world outside of our small community. Many of our kids have never been farther than 2 hours away from home much less traveled to another state or country. I want to show them that the world is full of possibilities and they can attain those through hard work. Being picked as the adopted classroom would be a wonderful way to show my students just one more thing that is possible in this world. How to help others through simple things. Also it would be wonderful to have them be able to communicate through letters and notes with you monthly. I would love to be able to use the money to purchase books for each child on a country that they hope to visit one day so they could have something to inspire and encourage them to dream big every day. Thank you for this amazing change to be the classroom you adopt this year.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So glad I found your site just in time! I have been an avid fan of Melonheadz clip art for awhile now buying several items on TpT through various members that have used your clip art. This year marks yet another year of teaching learners with special needs. My learners not only face the challenge of their individual exceptionalities they are from a rural part of GA, a simple farming town. This year is very different indeed for me as I have started the first Autistic support class in my area and only a few exist in our county all together. With the growing epidemic of Autism there is such a high need for classrooms that are designed to help learners on the spectrum excel in every area of their education. I am also starting the very FIRST support club for autistic support, awareness and education, "The Blue Crew." I am so excited about the upcoming school year but I am faced with so many challenges and stigmas that I must overcome to help my learners. The specific sensory issues that children on the spectrum face are often controversial in the classroom and it is unfortunate that often I have been turned away for several request for supplies such as weighted vest and special lighting or even sensory brushes and sand tables. So me being who I am an educator, I just had to find a way to get some of the things my learners needed. Well I did, my salary. I have purchased over 3000.00 in supplies for my classroom on a salary under 35,000. having my masters. But no mind that, I would love for you, Nikki, to adopt us in our very first year! I adore your work and so do my learners. It brings the visuals to life that all my learners need to be successful as they struggle with auditory processing and visuals bring everything to life for them! Thank you for the opportunity to share a very big piece of my life and passion with you and your blogger fans! Best wishes to you and all the amazing educators that have entered! You all deserve a standing ovation for the work that you do with such pride!
Thank you sincerely,
Danielle Patsourakos AKA Ms. PAT

The Emergent Teacher said...

My kiddos are precious...the best, really! It took me a LONG time to find my calling but after many years of searching I landed in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language). I teach K-5 ESL students at an elementary school in TN. We sing songs, laugh, learn, write, draw, hug, and high five. Using visuals is a key component when teaching ELLs (English Language Learners) and I have used Melonheadz graphics TONS of times to aid my lessons. My students would be absolutely thrilled to be adopted and are deserving of the extra love and attention. Thanks for all that you do and provide for us educators out here in the trenches!
Andrea Moore

frasico022 said...

I have a fun plus learning idea. You can ask kids to prepare a poem. Give them one day and offer a prize for winner. Believe me it will be fun. You can also collect 10 poems if you have 50 students in class. Then ask schools authority to get a book printed with those poems. I did same at my Phoenix preschool. Kids and we all were so happy.