Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My adopted class!!!!

I thought maybe you would like a little update on "my" class:)
Miss Kim's third grade class is fantastic!

The first box ( I got so excited I forgot to take a picture) , had some 
pencils and mini notebooks in it, along with some popcorn for my friends to try
that is made here in Utah.

I have their second random box ready to mail out tomorrow!!!!
Woot Woot!!!
Here's what's in it... 

A bat ring, oreos, a wrist band, and a sucker:)
There's also a special prize for Miss Kim and Miss Principal.

LOVE this, it's so much fun!!!!



Suze said...

I'm sure that they will love it Nikki. Thanks for sharing the photo of what you are sending them.

Jacque said...

Nikki, you are such an amazing lady and such a great example for these kids to look up to. :)

Rhonda Miller said...

This looks like a fun treat. I'm sure they're going to love it.

Kim said...

Miss Kim here - Nikki is the amazing one! My class is so excited to be "adopted" they mention it often. We have even had a great interest in learning more about Utah as we are way over in good ol' SC! Nikki - be on the lookout for 15 friendly letters we sent last week!