Saturday, August 17, 2013

new today!!!! Mega alphabet, science kidlettes, and weather sets

This bundle contains 156 files!!!! It's HUGE!
6 files for each letter:)



Amanda Martin said...

I am so excited about the alphabet bundle! It was definitely one of the things I had on my list that I needed! Thanks Nikki!


Mrs. Nicolau said...

Nikki!!! That's awesome I love them both!!! :)

Jennifer White said...

I love the ABC bundle! Does it have the B&W art included?
First Grade Blue SKies

Jackie Maughan said...

I love all your work! Seriously! Thank you also for the Teacher Starter mini combo! It is fantastic!

Kristen Konechy said...

How can you do this??? I was already set to get my favorite bundles from my wishlist and now I'm going to have to add the ABC bundle. My husband already thinks I'm a Melonheadz addict. You are TALENTED!