Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rapunzel and Pippi Longstocking!!!!

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rebeccaseeley said...

AHHHHHH!!!! Pippi was my favorite when I was little!! I wanted to be just like her! (well, her or Punky Brewster!!)So cute! You are too much girl! :)

~DeAnne~ said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Girl, your work is PERFECT. I love it. I see me keeping you in business for a long time! :)

First Grade and Fabulous

Eileen Griffin said...

Yahooooo! I have been wanting a Pippi bundle for ages! I love it!!!! Thank you!

Jessica said...

Love the Pippi bundle! That was my favorite movie growing up!

Apples and Papers

Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

I loved Pippi Longstocking...voice overs and all. What a cute set!

Digraphs, Decimals, and Discoveries said...

YAY! So excited for the Rapunzel! Thanks for making it :)