Saturday, June 1, 2013

Caught ya being good set!!!!

At our school, teachers hand out "caughtcha"s when
they see a student doing something good:) 
The kids LOVE them! They get to turn them in to
the office for a small prize, like a pencil, or a bouncy ball, an eraser, etc. 
They are then entered to win a once a month drawing for a wristband.

Here's my version of the "caughtcha"s!



crazymom said...

Oh you have done it again! This is a "must have" for me! ADORABLE!!♥

Haley said...

SO cute!!!

Mrs. Nicolau said...

Love it!!! :)

Mrs. Nicolau said...

Will you be adding a link soon?

Lili said...

Love them!!!!

rrmoore said...

These are great, I love your stuff. There are too many cute graphics to choose from.