Friday, May 17, 2013

Virtual Baby Shower for Maggie :)


Hi friends:)
I have been MIA this last week..... I have been busy planning a baby shower
for my Maggie. Since I know you all couldn't make it to my house, I have decided to invite you to the virtual shower!!!!
I'm so excited with it! 

So, here's the invitations I came up with. I used the graphics from the 
Fire safety bundle. We couldn't choose between the designs, so we printed up some of both.
We went with the fireman theme because baby is being named James after my dad..... sniff sniff....
I have had the best time finding treasures for the party!

Tune in tomorrow, so we can share the shower with you :)



crazymom said...

Invitations are darling! I'm so excited to be invited!

Lisa Hall said...

Very cute Nikki!
Thanks so much for inviting me to the "virtual" shower!
I am honored!

Mrs. Nicolau said...

Thank you for the invite! This is my first virtual shower!!! :)

Lili said...

Love the invitations, thanks a lot for inviting me to my very first virtual shower. I'm sure is going to be just great!!!!!!!!

Kathy Salazar said...

LOVE the invites- It looks as tho' all was FaBuLouS for all- Congrats on the new family member- xo