Friday, April 5, 2013

Rachel's request!!!!!

Due to a special request....
I have an exclusive bundle that will be available 
tomorrow only (maybe another for Sunday too if I get it done!)
Rachel needed an excuse to buy some more files, lol. 



Natalies Nook said...

Hey I'm not Rachel but that's music to my ears!!! I've got my MelonHeadz shopping list ready to go so I can't wait to see what you've drawn!! You are so amazingly generous!
Natalies Nook

Rachel Lamb said...

I speak and you hear! Love you!!! I bought the feelin fruity and made the cutest stinkin stuff for my kiddos writing! I can't wait to share!

Mrs. Nicolau said...

Wohooooo thank you Nikki! I am creating a new unit thanks to your inspired clip art! You rock! I'll stay tuned to see your exclusive clip art! :)