Saturday, February 16, 2013

Teacher blog feature of the month!!!

I had talked about this before, and as we know I'm right on top of things,lol. 3 months later......
I'm ready!!!!!

So this month's blog feature is....
Tootsie and Teed!!!!

Miss Linda is one of my sweetest friends. If you don't know, her you should, she's fantastic. She is always so encouraging and kind, I just know she's one of the most loved teachers in her school.
She teaches 3rd grade, 
Momma of 3,
and has the most beautiful granddaughter you'll ever
She loves everything 70's and it reflects in the design of her blog. It's colorful and
 fun, and you will leave her blog with a big smile on your face! Be sure to check out her TPT store as well. She has been very kind and shared her packets with me  before, and they are awesome:) 

Here's her link:


Tootsie and Teed said...

Thanks Nikki. You're the best!

Patti White said...

I visited you friend's blog and I am now following her too. Thanks for introducing me to a fellow 3rd grade teacher!

P.S. It looks like you are gaining popularity quickly on TpT. I have purchased quite a bit of your graphic sets, but have not had the time to create any products as of yet, but I will. Can't wait for summer so I can have more time!
Patti :)
A Series of 3rd Grade Events

Patti White said...

P.S.S. I did create one product, my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Book Study and Activities Packet. I have done quite well with it, and I'm sure it's partly due to the amazing graphics!
Patti :)