Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Boutique friends:)

Happy Wednesday!
(One of my favorite days! It's my work Friday, WOOT WOOT!)
I finally have a minute to sit down and introduce you to my boutique friends:)
Stop in and check 'em out...
Be sure to leave 'em a little comment love, and
tell 'em you learned about them from me!
The first couple had the most AWESOME wood stuff!!!
I HAD to buy some of it:) SUPER awesome Shabby Chic stuff!
This next couple were so sweet and kind!
Their company is called
Heel Vitality
They gave me some samples of their products and I LOVE them!!!!
I got some stuff for cracked feet, all natural, and in a lotion stick!
(Yeah I HATE shoes! and I can't stand socks..... sadly my feet are a nightmare)
but I tried out their product and it is AWESOME!
I also got some stuff for sore muscles.... Oh man it's good!
GO check 'em out!
I bought Mile a carved walking stick for Christmas...
It's beautiful... I'll post a picture soon.
This man doesn't have a web site, but I do have his email.
If you're looking for something special, check into these:)
This one doesnt have a blog or website either, but her work is so awesome!
Mike bought me a ring from her... She stamps names and phrases into steel rings!
Mine has my girl's names on it! I LOVE it!!It never leaves my hand.
She's SUPER affordable too!!!!
Next up!!!!
Dry Creek Paracord!!!!
These bracelets, etc. are hand made, and AWESOME!
I watched her work on a belt.... She's a sweet and super friendly
Her bracelets and other products are woven out of parachute cording. They're awesome to have if
you are a hiker, camper, or just to put in an emergency kit. You can unravel them and use them as rope, etc
Last but not least:)
I was so excited to meet Trisha and Natalie!
They are just bursting with ideas and enthusiasm for what they do:)
I get so excited when I meet someone that has such a unique product, I'm headed over to etsy to buy one now.
They draw abstract doodles, and market them as an adult coloring book!
They are fantastic!!! They even have a few freebies!
I know they have an etsy shop, and I believe they are going to (or do) have
a TPT and TN shop as well.
Here's their link:

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Diane R said...

I'm not sure how I already knew about Abstract Doodles, but I downloaded their Christmas coloring sheets for my fifth graders. They LOVED them! They liked that they weren't babyish but still fun to color. I highly recommend their work!

Fifth in the Middle