Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friends sign :)

A Give-a-way!

My Awesome friend Jacque is having a
melonheadz give-a-way on her blog today!

Go visit her at:

and follow her directions to enter!

Her blog is SUPER cute:)
She's way talented,
and one of the best people I know.
You'll love her just as much as I do!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Anniversary

On this day, in 1957,
Jim and Pat were married in the Salt Lake temple.
It was the day that my family began :)
I'm sure that they had no idea what they were in
Nannette was born first, which is fitting.... she's usually the first
to cry, followed shortly by her little sister!
Bret was next.... weiging in at 10 lbs. and 12 ozs.
He has a heart as big as anyone I have ever met. He has stepped in
and taken care of all of us the best he can, poor guy!
Then came Bart... born upside down, and being Bart as only he can from
then on out. He seems to get away with things just because it's him!
Blair was next. His big brown eyes, and quick smile
(with dimples) Let him get away with He was quiet too,
that helped! Sorry about punching you in the eye when I was 6...
but frankly, you deserved it!
Then came the "accident"... lol... sadly I mean that literally!
(Not in my conception and birth) Because I have been one consistant
accident after another ! Sorry mom and dad!
Broken everything, stitsches, car wrecks, etc. etc.
Thanks mom and dad for my forever family.
Thank you for teaching us right from wrong,
for the joy in serving others,
and for your fantastic examples.
You helped shape us into the people we are.
I'm so proud to call you my parents.

I miss you.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Check this out!

My sweet neice is on the flag line for a local high school here
in Utah. They have been invited by the governor of Utah to
participate in the National Independence Parade
in Washington DC! How cool is that???

Keilyn is SUPER excited!
To help her raise money for her trip, we came up with an exclusive bundle for her.
This is the only way you will ever be able to snag this one:)
100% of the purchases go directly to her for her trip.

If for some reason you wouldn't like to purchase the bundle,
but donate to her instead, I think she'd appreciate that too.

She is an AWESOME young lady,
and also very talented. She draws fantasic
anime images too, maybe we can get her to post some:)

 Please go to her blog to check it out !

Thank you!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


A BIG thank you to all of you who played along with me today!
It was the best day ever:)

Don't forget to use the coupon in my etsy store...
there's only 6.5 hours left of the sale!

Love you guys!

Game/giveaway #10

This is the last one!

One more thing that makes me happy is:


Fill in the blank!

Here's a hint:
It's something that everyone of us does every day.

The first one to guess gets this:

Just pick out what you'd like!
You can also get the black and whites, or a personalized image.

Good luck!
And the winner is:
The answer:

Game/giveaway #9

Here's question #9:

Mike is a fabulous cook.
When he wants to make me happy
he cooks me chicken,
what part and how?

This is a toughie...
But I LOVE it!

good luck!

The first one to guess geta a bundle of their choice made,
and share with 2 of your friends

Thae winner is:

The answer is:
hot wings!

This is So much fun! Question #8

Ok another thing that makes me happy is my family.

Here's the question:

What was my mother's favorite flower?

The first one to give the right answer gets a BRAND NEW bundle

that I just finished.

It's not even available yet:)

Good luck!
And the winner is:
The answer is:

Game/giveaway #7

Ok, here's #7 :)

What thing you can wear makes me the happiest when I get it new?

The first one to answer correctly gets:

A free bundle combo pack of their choice
(colored and black and white)

good luck!

And the winner is:


The answer:
new jammies!

Game/giveaway #6

Word Art makes me happy!

Here's question number 6:

What do I use to draw with?

First correct answer gets this bundle:

These are all jpeg files

Good luck!

Here's the etsy link:

and the winner is :


The answer is:

Don't go too far, I still have a few more giveaways!

Game/giveaway #5

PRINCESSES make me Happy!
(I have 3 :) )

Here's question #5:

What are the names of all 7 dwarfs?

(this is my favorite.... my Maggie called the's HOs... you know, heigh

The first one to EMAIL me the answers
wins this bundle:

These are all jpeg files

Good luck!

Here's the etsy link:

The winner is:


Congratulations :)

Here's the answers:Happy

Game/giveaway #4

When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a wooden toy that played a nursery rhyme song.
Everytime I hear the song it still makes me happy.

Question number 4:

Name the nursery rhyme :)

hint: it is not included in the bundle

The first one who answers it correctly wins the following bundle :

good luck!

Please note it is all in jpeg format

Here's the etsy link if you're interested:

And the winner is:


I will email your bundle off in a few minutes.

The answer:

3 blind mice

Game/giveaway #3

Ok... So I LoVe to bake!
Having the house smell like baked goodies makes me happy!

Question # 3

What baked item is my specialty, and favorite to make?

The first one to guess wins this bundle for FREE!

Please note this bundle is all jpeg files.
Good luck!

Here's the etsy link if you're interested:


And the Winner is:

Miss T

Please email me so I can send you this bundle:)

The answer:


I LOVE to frost em all pretty!

Game/giveaway #2

OK! PIE! Pie makes me happy!
Here's question # 2:

Name my favorite flavor of pie!

First one to guess it wins this bundle:

Please note:
This bundle is in a jpeg format.

Good luck!
Here's the etsy link if you're interested:



please email me so I can send you the bundle:)

Answer: Lemon! YUM!

First game/giveaway of the day!

Today's games will all have something to do with things
that make me happy.

Living in Utah makes me happy... I tried living some place else,
but was terribly homesick.
I went through one tornado and 10000000% humidity,
and was glad to come back to the

So, here's question #1:

Uath is famous for a unique lake.
Because of the contents of the lake there is only
one animal/organism that can live in it.

Name the lake, and the animal/organism.

First person to email me with the answer gets a bundle
of their choice FREE!

good luck! xox


Please email me with your bundle pick Miss Susan

The answer:
The Great Salt lake
and brine shrimp

New! Just released today! Butterfly Life Cycle

I have had a bunch of requests for this one :)

Butterfly life cycle set
Available for $7 in the colored version, and $5 for the LINE ART.