Thursday, April 5, 2012

Game/giveaway #3

Ok... So I LoVe to bake!
Having the house smell like baked goodies makes me happy!

Question # 3

What baked item is my specialty, and favorite to make?

The first one to guess wins this bundle for FREE!

Please note this bundle is all jpeg files.
Good luck!

Here's the etsy link if you're interested:


And the Winner is:

Miss T

Please email me so I can send you this bundle:)

The answer:


I LOVE to frost em all pretty!


S. Parker said...

Snicker doodles

Miss T said...

Cookies....chocolate chip?

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Kiah said...



Nikki said...

lol.... LOVE em all, but nope!

Miss T said...


Journey of a Substitute Teacher

mrscuddlytiger said...

bread??!! :)

Kiah said...

Lemon bars :)


Nikki said...

Miss T, you are the winner! Yay! please email me so I can send you your bundle:)

Ohhh, I do love lemon bears too! Thank you for playing :)

Miss T said...

Yay! :) Thanks!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Emily said...

Ahhh! Obviously I can't walk away from the computer! I wanted that one so bad!

Emily @ Second Grade Silliness