Friday, December 14, 2012

I'm here!!!!!


Come and see me at the South Towne expo center
Friday from 9-9
and Saturday from 8-8
Enter to win $35 in free graphics
get a free signed mini print!!
buy 3 bundles at the show and get the 4th free!
They will be emailed to you immediately!
For those of you who can't
make it, I will be offering the same sale on my blog,
and having a drawing next week:)


Stef (Miss Galvin Learns) said...

Good luck, Nikki! I hope it goes really well for you!

(And I'm disappointed that I'm the other side of the world and can't go!) :)


Megan said...

Good luck! I hope you do great! :)

Leslie - The Groovy Teacher said...

Good luck Nikki, you'll be so popular:) Wish I were there.

Laura W said...

Good luck Nikki! I hope you make lots of new contacts and sell out :)

Kiah said...

Oh my goodness! I love the plates! Will you be offering those soon for sale on etsy? :)


Terri Paulson-Sasaki said...

The booth looks great. Have a great time.


Jeannine said...

Your booth and everything you chose turned out just great! I too would love a plate and will be waiting for word about that!

Creative Lesson Cafe

Morgan Hardy said...

wish that I could have been there, because it looked great mamma(: much love from little old whiney Logan!