Saturday, December 8, 2012

Big Christmas Boutique:)

Hi friends:)
This is what I am getting ready for this week. If you live anywhere near by,
I would LOVE to meet you, and give you a hug!
I'm going to be giving away some postcard sized prints, and I'll even sign 'em for ya!
Come and enter to win $50 in free bundles, 1 winner for each day!
And it's free admission!!!!!!!!!
(I'll be giving away $50 in free bundles on my blog the following week for those
who can't attend)
I'll have pass along plates, mugs, and ornaments.
I'll also have signed 8x10 limited addition prints:)
You can also purchase bundles directly from me, and I will send them to you at the time of purchase.
Please if you do come, don't be surprised if I cry or look ill.... I'm scared to death,lol.


Bren P. said...

I'm so excited for you, Nikki! I love your work and I'm sure lots of people attending will, too!

Good luck! You'll be great! :)

Bren P.
The Teacher Diaries

Kathy said...

Good Luck! I am sure you will do well! And remember to have fun!

First Grade a la Carte

Anonymous said...

You will be awesome! Jen

Laura W said...

good luck Nikki, I wish you much success :)

Embley Veronica said...

Don't worry! They are going to love your work just as much as we do. :) Sell lots!

Karyn said...

Nikki I hope it went great! I'm sure you were stellar! Your work is amazing and I'm sure many were enthralled with it! :o)

A is for Apple B is for Blog

Jeana said...

What part of the mall will the boutique be in?