Sunday, October 14, 2012


My besties:)
Thank you so much for all of your support this last weekend! The freebie bundles were a huge hit! I think google may never forgive It was so much fun:) I love you all to pieces. Thank you for making my life so worth every scribble.
Now..... onto some other news. This one was a toughy, I've really tried to keep up with everything, but have failed Right now, I'm abot 200 bundle requests behind. SO.......  I won't be taking requests for a while. I'll be happy to put your suggestions on a list, and get to them as soon as I can. I'm sorry for any inconveniences this may cause, but for my own sanity, I need to catch up a little :) I will still be taking orders for melonheads and any exclusive images. I have a few other project in the works as well.
It'll be ok! I need to post more freebies too. I miss them.
Thank you again, for taking time to visit, leave comments, and forgive my shotcomings.... and for being patient when I forget to attach your  You guys are the best!


Camille said...

..and YOU are the BEST!! Thank you for all you do for us!
An Open Door

Susana said...

We love your work!! Thank you for your amazing illustrations! We also miss the freebies!! :)
Hope to keep seeing your goodies and your new inspirations! :)

Kiwi Sarah said...

Wow...don't think anyone can complain with all the amazing images you come up with, no matter if you are behind. Keep up the good work, I love seeing it all :)

bprice said...

You are amazingly talented! I love all of your clipart!... And my special melonhead! :) Can't wait to see what you make next!!