Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A question:)

Hi Friends:)
I need some advice.
I've been invited to get a booth in a large
Holiday Botique at an expo center near by, (cool
right?) Here's where I need some input. I'm thinking
about offering the following items:
1. Bundles of course.  I could put all of the bundle
pics in an album, and can email them to the people
as they are purchased at the event.
2. Exclusive bundles sold at the event only...
maybe 3 or 4 extra awesome ones.
3. Signed prints. I would print off maybe 50
of each print, sign and number them. 8x10s. Then that would
be the end of that print. I have some samples here:

I might have one printed on a canvas and have a drawing for it.
If you were to go to a botique, would this be something you'd be interested in?
Do you have any other suggestions, or ideas?
It's kinda pricey for a booth for a 2 day event.... I can't decide if it would be worth it. It would be super fun though,
to be able to meet some of you!
Thanks for any input you have, you are the bestest besties!


Brianna Price said...

If I were at a boutique, would definitely be interested in signed prints. I like the canvas idea too. I think that'd be something really neat to have and I bet a lot of people would be interested in it! Good luck at the Holiday Boutique!

Diane said...

Nikki -

From experience, people who attend these kind of events, want to buy & take it home with them. If you decide to do this - go with the signed prints.

Ask what sort of advertising they have done for this event. Consumer draw should be a big factor in whether you buy a booth or not. If it's only in the church bulletin vs. being in the local paper you won't get a huge crowd - ie: not make enough to cover your costs.

Get as much info about the setting, as well. Will there be electricity? Would you need to pay extra for it??

Take help with you, so the booth is covered when you answer Mother Natures call.

That is all I can think of, off the cuff.

Good luck, if you decide to go for it.

D :)

primary practice said...

Nikki, The best way to decide if you should participate in the event is by asking yourself this question, "If I don't sell anything at all, would I feel comfortable with the money I paid to join the event, and the time I spent working the event?"

If the answer is yes, do it! If you need to make a certain amount of money to make it worthwhile, it may not be the best choice.

I don't know where you live, but in my area it is possible to invest in a pricey event, spend all day hoping for sales, making a few or none, and ending in the red. I think it has a lot to do with the economic climate today.

If you think it would be fun,the investment is minimal, and you would be happy with getting extra exposure, go for it! While there are no guarantees, you may end up making some nice sales and good connections.

I know it's tough to decide, since sales are unpredictable.Good luck whatever you choose :)

JanR said...

I really don't have any experience in this area but I think signed prints would be awesome.

Also, what about offering personalized MelonHeadz? Honestly, I have no clue how long it takes to draw one (seeing as I struggle with stick figures) but maybe you could do quick line art? I think doing that would be a huge draw (ha, pun intended) to your booth.

Jacque said...


I love the signed prints and canvas ideas!!! Please let me know when and where, and I'll try my hardest to make it up that way to see ya! :)


Monkey Toes Too said...

I'm in the general agreement here as most people what the goodies when they leave your booth. That said I would go with the signed prints and canvas drawing. You really need to weigh the pros and cons of doing this as you could end up with no sales at all.

If you decide to go have fun. I would go just to support you however, I live in Michigan and that would be one long and costly drive.

Diane R said...

I agree with everyone else. Cash and carry (or email) is the way to go.

Would you ever offer canvases through your Etsy store? I'd love one, but I doubt I live near you. I'm a new follower, so I don't know about everything you offer.

Gina Coniglio said...

Sounds like good advice! i wish I lived nearby you! I would go! The custom Melonheadz sounds like a great idea!!
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vicky1970 said...

Hi Niki
ALl of the ideas sound great! The buy and get the email right away is what I would love. Have fun!
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Jeannine said...

Hi Nikki!

All of the events similar to what you are describing that I have been to have had a crowd around them for all items related to decorating children's bedrooms and gifts for babies. Personalized prints in a theme like your cute wild things or princesses would be a big hit! All of your work is amazing so, anything you decide would be hugely successful!

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Leslie said...

The canvas sounds good and of course, bundles. Signed things don't float my boat, but your designs are adorable so I think you will do great!

Karyn said...

Hi Nikki! I love the idea of the prints on canvas! I think the bundles sound like a great idea too but I wonder how much people at a craft show/exhibition are looking for that kind of thing (of course I'd be thrilled). I guess it all boils down to whether or not you'd be upset if you didn't make more than your investment back.

Rhonda Miller said...

I agree with what everyone else has said. I think the prints and canvas would be fun.

Laura W said...

cash and carry, imo, works best

depending on the event (and other vendors)consider your price point
(is this a a Christmas show where people are looking to buy gifts or a craft show where people are looking for ideas? It does matter as the latter tend to spend less)

My hesitation as a customer would be if I gave you the money, how do I know you'll send it? Will you have a laptop there that you can send it right away? (not that I think you would ever rip someone off!)

Have you taken a look at some of the CHA photos? They have some good looking booths that may give you some ideas. Hope this helps

Rachel Lamb said...

I would think anything you can hang. That's what people seem to look for. Maybe prints and others mod podged

~Shari said...

I would Definitely stop and look through the notebook full of the ideas if I were at the boutique. It WILL be alot of work. Perhaps a notebook of a variety of fun, different, DARLING ways your little people and art can be used ESPECIALLY for the holidays.

Scrappy Rat said...

I would dig it, but I'm a huge fan anyway! :)

I think selling prints would be a great idea. Maybe make them personalizable (is that a word?) for people to hang in nurseries, kids' rooms, etc.

I've never done one of these kind of tables, but I sure love to shop at them! :)

Susana said...

I love the canvas idea! I don't leave close by, but I'm a big fan of yours and your work! I agree with everyone saying that come and leave with something in your hands is the best way when you visit these events!

Traci said...

I agree with the cash & carry thing. The prints/canvas are awesome ideas. What about burning your "bundles" on to CDs? Then people CAN take them with them and not have to wait for an email.
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Tootsie and Teed said...

My dear Nikki~
I think cash and carry is the best as most have said. My question to you would be whether this two day event will justify being away from family for two days. Not just away but do you need to get child care and do others have to step in and...you get my point. Back in the day when my kiddos were youngens and I was wild about doing our local, inexpensive craft show, my girlfriend and I had to get sitters, made our homemade mittens (our little boys played together all day...mostly fought) and at the end we didn't even sell one pair. We had lots of great conversation but for sure the cost of all the materials, the time away from family, just wasn't worth it. I just pose the question to you. I would be the first in line, though haha.

Sydnie Baxter said...

yes i would choose thoes i would buy them in a heart beat!!

Saundra Smith said...

I think that your artwork would be cute printed on clear labels then put on glass mason jars. I also think that your artwork would be super cute decopauged on just about anything like lamp shades or wooden stools, door signs, etc!!! Also, I missed your seminar in Vegas for TPT and I was wondering if you have a hand out or book explaining what program you use to create your clip art and how do you post it on-line, etc. All of your artwork is simply amazing and you can tell that you are a neat and caring person.