Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My bucket overfloweth :)

One of the things that Malli learned from her AWESOME teacher Mrs. C.,
was the bucket concept.
The kid's goals are to fill up each other's buckets with
compliments and kindness.
It is pitiful when she tells her sister, "You
emptied my bucket!"

Thank you my friends for being so kind and caring about
me! I am so blessed to have you all for my friends!
I so appreciate all of your comments, and emails, and support:)

Today my bucket overfloweth!

I have digis to go with this but can't get them to load. I'll post them
as soon as I can.


Eileen Griffin said...

I love these, Nikki. I use the bucket filling concept with my class and it works. The parents love it too. I hope you are able to upload the set soon. I am certain most of us would snatch them up. Thank you for your lovely creations. I love them!

Kathleen said...

About 25 years ago I started the concept of a "love bucket" with my daughter. She needed it filled constantly which I did by giving her hugs. Wish she were closer so she could now fill mine!! Love the set!

Anonymous said...

Thanks For All the Files You Share! They are much appreciated.

Trina said...

A story like that was principal's book of the month at my mom's school!

Anita said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing!

Lady Editor said...

Cute idea. Thank you.