Saturday, March 31, 2012

Successful Sales! Australian Easter, Easter, Last Supper

I just wanted to thank all of you who have supported me on my sales!
They have been awesome and successful, and make
me want to have more of them:)
I am so grateful to all who visit my blog regularly, leave comments, and emails.
You are the BEST!

Now.... onto another sale :)
For the next week (until Easter)
If you buy one of the three following bundles (directly from me)
I will send you the black and white copies as well for FREE!

Here's how to purchase directly from me:

1. Drop your payment into my paypal
(the button is in the right sidebar)
They are $7.00 each

2. Email me at
melonheadzillustrating @ gmail .com
and let me know what you're purchasing.

I will email the files to you ASAP.
Please keep in mind that I do work full time, and am meeting
the demands of my family, so it may be a little while
before I mail them to you, but for sure within 24 hours.

Here's the bundle pics, so you can see what's up for sale:)






Mrs. Coe said...

I LOVE your stuff! You are the best!

Scrappy Rat said...

I *must* get that Easter Bilby set soon. Yeah, I know easter is over, but it's bilby time year round! :)