Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The winners are in!

lol, because I only had 3 people play along for

The "A mouse in my house" bundle, They all won copy of the bundle :)

Congratulations to Kiah, Liza, and Kelley!



Kim Crowe said...

Hee hee, lucky ladies. I wanted to play but I was stumped. I think I figured out about 4 of them. I love it though. They are too cute for words!

Jacque said...

I wanted to play, but I could only get 3. I felt like a dumb blonde. Sorry, Nikki. :) The mice are really cute though.

Kelley said...

Thank you, Nikki. I had fun figuring out what they were.

Miss C said...

Thaaank you! So excited to use these little mice in my classroom on some printables SOMEHOW!!!!!