Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mouse in my house bundle :)

How cute are they?
These are available in the colored version as shown here for $7.00,
or in the black and white version for $5.00.

Lets play a game :)
The first person to email me the CORRECT names for all 10
mice get the colored bundle for FREE!
Here's a hint:
City mouse(red shoe)

Good luck!


Kiah said...
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Kiah said...
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Miss C said...

blind mice
christmas mouse
school mouse
church mouse
mickey mouse
city mouse
country mouse
pocket mouse
quiet mouse
door mouse

Scrappy Rat said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I CAN'T believe I missed this! Noooooooooooooooooo!

(I think the one listed as "school mouse", above, is actually a computer mouse. :) The others look right to me. Pocket mouse is more like the "We?! You got a mouse in your pocket?" I know the game is over, but I can't resist playing anyway. Am I close?)

I will definitely be buying this one soon. My printer's waiting for a part so it's making me nuts that I can't print any new digis till it arrives. I'm such an addict! Thank you SO much for your generosity with your art. The card you sent me was so unexpected and sweet. I want you to know that you made me smile on a day I didn't feel well. So talented *and* such a kind person? You're definitely going to go far. :)

Can't wait to play with that new bunny stamp. Thank you! (Sorry for yammering on so long. I'm chatty today, apparently!)