Saturday, January 14, 2012

Predient's day set

New Release today!
This is my President's day set :)

It is available for $7.00 for the colored version, and $5.00
for the LINE ART version.

This also conatins a bonus image!
President Obama!


Erin Eberhart said...

Mercy. I'm gonna go broke. I must have this. Abe and George are the stinking cutest things I have ever seen! You are so talented! Keep it up, Nikki! :)
Eberhart’s Explorers

Nikki said...

lol Erin :) I'm glad you like em !

Rachelle said...

LOVE THIS PACK!!!!! I'm making my unit as we speak!!!

Rachelle said...

p.s. I put your blog button on my blog :)

Melissa, DillyDabbles said...

I just found your site through What the Teacher Wants. So cute! I'm a Utahan too ; ) I appreciate your teacher friendly user policy.