Thursday, January 12, 2012

LDS missionary calendar

For my LDS friends,
I just finished a HUGE project....
I have a missionary count-down
calendar ready to go.
Here's the link to look it over :)



becky comstock said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! I found you on Lory Robinsons blog. I have a son that JUST left on his mission. Would you say the calendar is just for the missionary or for families too? Also, counting down the DAYS until my son comes home seems completely overwhelming!!! DO you have a an idea for simply counting down the MONTHS? I have really been trying to find something like that.

Nikki said...

Hi Becky :) Give me about a week (it may be a little quicker), and I'll have something like that for you.... be sure to check on the LDS blog for that ok? (you can find the link for that under the more by me tab at the top of this blog) xox

becky comstock said...

Oh thank you! I had an idea about getting some quotes about missionary service. And having one quote per month on a paper with some of your cute art! It doesn't even necessarily have to be a "calendar." If you just had some ideas for cute pictures to go on the paper with the quote. I can find the quotes I want and possibly cut and paste them to your pictures. The pages could be numbered and at the end of each month I could tear the page off and display a new quote for the next month. Does that make sense?