Monday, January 9, 2012

Just Released: Rachelle's Teaching border set

Rachelle's set contains 12
different borders, desingned for teachers.

Available in the colored version as shown here for 7.00,
and the LINE ART version for $5.oo.


Michelle said...

This looks really great :)

Anonymous said...

These are the CUTEST EVER!

Can you add the link on the post to your etsy shop? Or how do I buy them?

Rachelle said...

I looooovvveee them so much!!! I've been using them like crazy! Thanks!!!

Rachelle said...

Wait? What happened to them on Etsy? I sent some friends over and they aren't there anymore?

Nikki said...

I have to go repost it! I SOLD IT! WOOT WOOT.... on my way to do it now! xox

Rachelle said...

Oh weird! Is there a way to keep it on there even if someone purchases?