Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Count down to Christmas....

I had a request for a coloring page,
and I have been wanting to do a Christmas
Countdown as well.... seemed like a GREAT
combo to me :)
My kids can't wait till tomorrow to
start marking off the days!

In honor of the count-down... how about a little game?
The first one to guess the amount of time
it took me to draw this count down page ( in an email )
will win either a bundle of your choice,
or a personalized Santa letter of their choice.

Good Luck!


Jacque said...

This is so adorable!!! Can't wait to see who wins the game!! Keeping my fingers crossed that it's me! ;)

Kathleen said...

This is amazingly cute...what a talent you have. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Scull said...

wow! I am so impressed!

Kelley said...

This is too stinkin' cute! I'm going to color it. :D

Rhonda Miller said...

Thank you so much. My kids are going to love this.

AllisonG said...

Kaylie LOVES it! She can't wait to start coloring it tomorrow.

Nikki said...

Yay! I'm glad that everyone likes it... It was super fun to draw. Thank you my friends for the sweet comments :) I don't get a chance to respond to them all, but read them and file them away to keep me going and giving me purpose. LUB you guys! xox

Joy said...

What a lovely idea! And very cute too! I'm a day late but that just means my daughter and I get to colour in 2 numbers at once!

Stephenie said...

Thank you!

califncsun said...

Cute image.


DonnaMundinger said...

Just saw this on a project and had to come look! Fabulous stuff here and thanks so much! xxD

Keynes Wallace said...

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