Saturday, May 7, 2011



Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! It is a beautiful morning here, with the sun shining for the first time in days. Thanks for all your hard work...Dee

Cindy - John 3:16 said...

I luv it - very cute...TY. A little cooler here in sunny California today, but I'm glad because we'll have a long hot summer as usual! So I appreciate the cooler days when they're here! :)

Rhonda Miller said...

I love this. Thank you.

Alyna said...

sowie fer getting to make a comment this late while i was commin of and on to check images:(. but i have to say you are very talented gal and absolutely amazin. love infact adore ur images :). u sure do deserve a pat on the back.
thank a lot fer makin our lives easier :).
and its a really hot day ere cus we usually dont have spring :) we directly land into hot summers :).
take care hunney

mitch1066 said...

A wonderful sentiment illustrated perfectly,thanks:)

Anne-Marie said...

Thank you, sweetie....really lovely one!

lisastuf said...

I love this! Not only was it a beautiful morning here, (and it's a beautiful day!) But, I love the song this comes from! I think it is from a Rodgers & Hammerstein song isn't it? I believe it's from the movie Oklahoma! Which I LOVE.
You are awesome Nikki!
Thanks so much!
Lisa H.

Nikki said...

Dee, Cindy Rhinda, Anne-Marie, Lisa, Alyna, and Miss Mitch:) Glad to see you all! Thanks for stopping in... Lets hope today is another beautiful one. xox

Danielle said...

Thanks much!