Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trivia Game Answers

1. What breed of dog can get acne? Chinese Crested

2. How many times are dogs mentioned in the Bible? 14

3. Which breed of dog can have a blue tongue? Chow Chow

4. Queen Elizabeth has 4 dogs of what breed? Corgis

5. Sun Yan Set (the dog) survived what disaster? Titanic

6. How many vocal sounds can a dog produce?10

I'm happy to announce the winners: Jennifer, Izzah, and An'Jenic. I also gave a bonus out to Amy because she really researched each question.  Thanks for playing! We'll do another game soon. xox


robin k said...

I wont even cheat and google. lol. I know #4 its welsh corgies and #5 is I am guessing Japan earth quake

AllisonG said...

Aaarrrggghhhh, too hard for me! LOL I don't have that many brain cells left. :-)

Izzah said...

I put about 2 hour on this.. hee ;)

Rebecca said...

too hard for me too without googling - really tricky questions! Good Luck everyone.