Thursday, April 18, 2013

West Texas :)


Sound off my Texas peeps,
let me know you're ok please!
Keeping you in our prayers,
and in our hearts.
Lub you!


D. Frideley said...

I live a little over an hour from West, TX and I heard & felt it. I'm obviously okay. We're collecting school supplies for the teachers when they go back to school.

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Terri Eubank said...

I love these graphics for many Texas reasons. I am in Grapevine, and we are gathering supplies as well. The news coverage is horrific, but the outpouring from fellow Texans and the nation is unbelievable!
Thank you for the precious graphics!

Mrs. Nicolau said...

I don't live near there, maybe an hour away... We are trying to find a way to help as well :)

Anonymous said...

In less than 3 weeks we will live pretty close to there. Thanks for making this. It is funny b/c we live in West Texas not West, Texas. It was confusing when they first announced it. Texans are so resilient. This is super nice. Hugs~Patti

txexperiment said...

I live in Fort Worth and it's amazing how wonderful and caring people are to our neighbors to the south. Thanks for this wonderful image!

Kate said...

I am from the Dallas area and it has been so incredible to see how Texas has pulled together to help the people of West out. Adorable graphic!
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Amber Calderon said...


I am a current 3rd grade teacher at West Elementary in West, TX. I absolutely love you blog and am just not coming across this post. I am going to share with all of my teachers on campus.

We have felt so much love and praise this year that it is just overpowering how great people can be when we all band together. A lot of my students were living in trailers the beginning of the year but they always came to school with a positive attitude.

Thank you so much for your kind words and support!