Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thanks a Bunch!

Yay! This last freebie set was the most popular yet! Thank you to all who have stopped by, become a follower, or just peeked in! For those of you who missed the freebies, they should be on the exclusives blog later in the week, with the other images to complete the bundle. I should have the pirate bundle on as well. I'll be having a sale when they are posted and completed:) Keep an eye out! xox Nikki

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

24 hour freebies

By the end of today, we ( we as in me and you :)) will have
reached 150,000 views! WOOT WOOT!
To celebrate today I have some special freebies for you.
Snag them quick, they will be gone in 24 hours. If for
some reason you miss them, they will be available along
with a few more in the series in a bundle later on this week. (For bundle info,
click on the melonheadz exclusives button on your right top
of the blog) xox

Friday, June 24, 2011

For Allison :)

I created this one for my friend Allison a little while ago. As hot as it's getting

it seems appropriate to share it with everyone xox

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sherry Hickey’s fabulous book!


For all of you that LOVE making cards (and even those who don't:) )You really HAVE to check out this awesome book written and illustrated by my friend Sherry Hickey. It's called "Card Auntie's wonderful Workshop". My little ones, as you see LOVE the story and colorful pictures.
The story is about Card Auntie, who makes cards and sends them out to all those who need a pick me up, a thank you, or a job well done. It is a touching story about kindness to others, and how it all comes back to those who really care.
Sherry takes time to go to schools and read her book to children, and is a very active OWH'r. Please take time to check out her website, and pick up her book. It is definitely worth having.... and so much fun to get a wonderful prize such as this in the mail!

Thank you Sherry for sharing your talents with us! We LUB you! xox