Saturday, February 26, 2011

WOW! Look what Jan, Sony, Allison, Charmaine,Judie, and Elaine have done with my doodles!

How cute is this? My new friend Jan made this beautiful card with my Sisters doodle! My sister Nann and I have never looked better! Check out Jan's blog for other wonderful creations, and be sure to look into her OWH project... it's awesome!

The second card is by my friend Sony. I love how the two cards are done differently, yet both turned out Super Fantastic! You'll have to check out Sony's blog as well... Beautiful job Sony :)
This card was made by my friend Elaine... She's absolutely precious! To see more of Elaine's work check out her fantastic blog at
This card was made by my awesome friend Allison using the owl image:) Her cards are all super cute, and she donates bunches of them to OWH! check out her awesome blog at

This super cute card was made by my friend Charmaine :) Check out her blog for more fantasic ideas!

How precious is this? Judie made this card for her son that just graduated from the police academy!  I absolutely love the shading :) Thanks Judie for sharing it with us!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hope Elevated for Terry

This motorcycle was drawn for our friend Terry Purdom. Terry was diagnosed with an incurable form of bone marrow cancer called Multiple Myeloma in November of 2004. Last summer Terry took a road trip on his motorcycle to raise money for cancer research. After having lost both my parents to cancer, Terry is one of my heroes. This image was drawn from the picture on a coin he sells to also raise money for cancer. To read more about Terry, please look at his web site at, and check out our blog at to see what we're doing to help :)