Terms of Use

 Agreement to Terms and Conditions

All images sold at Melonheadz Illustrating, Melonheadz Exclusives, or Melonheadz LDS Illustrations, Etsy, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Teacher's Notebook, Teachers Pay Teachers,  Pinterest, and/or other sites or personally are copyrighted by Nikki Casassa and/or Melonheadz Illustrating and/or Melonheadz Illustrating LLC, and/or Melonheadz. These names will be referred to as simply "the Site" or "Melonheadz" throughout the remainder of this notice. All images are hand drawn and/or computer enhanced by the site. When you purchased, downloaded or received as a free gift via any other method, you are agreeing to respect the artist copyright terms listed below.

Personal Use Policies
You may use the site images for your own personal crafty creations, either digitally or in print. For personal use credit is not required but appreciated. All commercial use requires credit given and where applicable a clickable link back to the site.

You may NOT create a collage sheet or any product for sale on Etsy, Zazzle, or similar websites without obtaining written consent from the site prior to use.

You may not sell or give away Melonheadz Illustrating images in digital format or preprinted on paper without consent from the site.

You may not claim Melonheadz Illustrating images to be your own.

You may not make or use any image for clear and/or rubber stamps, embroidery patterns, or other products that reproduce the Melonheadz Illustrating image

Commercial Use Policies
You are permitted to sell your finished creations using Melonheadz Illustrating images. The images must be completely colored and/or completely prepared, finished product. Approved products include cards, scrapbook pages, boxes, frames, worksheets, educational units, etc..

If you are a small business interested in selling products created using Melonheadz Illustrating graphics YOU AGREE TO GIVE CREDIT to Melonheadz Illustrating- WITH A CLICKABLE LINK TO MELONHEADZ ILLUSTRATING'S BLOG. www.melonheadzillustrating.blogspot.com. You MUST also recieve MELONHEADZ ILLUSTRATING'S consent to use the images. You are restricted to no more than 100 copies of each image and/or $500 profit per image per year.

Blog use Policy
Melonheadz Illustrating graphics are available for use in blog design only though Honey Bunch Blog Design. Please contact them at http://honeybunchblogdesign.blogspot.com for further information. Exception: personalized "melonhead" graphics bought, paid for, or ordered on or before November 18, 2012 graphics may be used as purchaser sees fit, but NOT for resale in any form. Any orders, or installations of said graphics thereafter, are through The Honey Bunch blog design only.

Educational Use Policies
Teachers and Educators are welcome to use Melonheadz Illustrating graphics on educational material for free or to sell on blogs, websites, Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook, etc.. Melonheadz Illustrating images may also be used in Religious education, but not resold as graphics or digital files.

You may NOT use the name Melonheadz in your product or packet name. 

Power Point , Microsoft Documents, and Smart Board Use
Use of Melonheadz graphics are allowed IF AND ONLY IF the graphics are secured and cannot be removed, copied, or shared.

No Credit Option
If you do not wish to give credit, please pay for the COMMERCIAL LICENSE ($20 per item for bundles and $5 for single images). Contact for more information.

Alterations of graphics
All images are created and finished by the artist. Altering or recoloring of images are prohibited.

Returns and Refunds Policy
As my product are computer files, there really is no way to return a bundle.
HOWEVER... I am more than willing to try and find a way to rectify whatever issue may arise. I will work with customers within 3 days of the receipt of the products.
Please check out your purchase when it arrives in your email box, and make sure that everything came through ok. Feel free to contact me at melonheadzillustrating@gmail.com

All images are owned by the site. Any violation of the above rules will be prosecuted,( It is my intention to support my family through my art work, I ask that you be sensitive to this fact). The site is not responsible for any harm resulting from use and/or downloading images from this site. By opening your files through your email, you accept responsibility for any harm done to your property.

Melonheadz Illustrating reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time without giving you prior notice. Updated 09/22/2014.