Saturday, March 28, 2020

FREE Post-Corona Bucket List Crossword Puzzle Printable

Hey friends!!!! Today I am sharing with you my FREE Post-Corona Bucket List And yes.... it's all food. I'm missing all the junk food. Please note I did add a banana for some healthy influence.

To download the PDF for the Crossword Puzzle from TPT,


  1. I live in England.... what on earth are SWIG.... and, very aptly....funeral potatoes?
    This has made me laugh so much..... THANK YOU

  2. @Christine Swig is a soda shop here in Utah. They mix regular soft drinks with crazy ingredients. It's addicting! Funeral potatoes (because when we have a funeral people will bring it to the church for the families to eat afterward) are potatoes with sour cream, cheese, onions, and usuall cream of mushroom soup that is baked like a casserole :)


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