Custom Gifts

Custom created gifts for friends & family

The first is a birthday card (cover only) I made for my Maggiepie for her birthday. I knew I wouldn't see her that day, so it was great to email.

To order:
please send a picture & a list of things you want added
Please allow 1- 3 weeks for delivery. 
B&W $7 or Color $10
$12 for both

The is for m my sweet neice Kresley. :) She is awesome. Her mom had me draw it to put in her scrapbook. This can be printed off and kept forever. :)

To order:
please send a picture & a list of things you want added. 
Please allow 1-3  weeks for delivery. 
B&W $15 or Color $20
$25 for both

This is a new bundle, just completed. It contains 10 different labels to place on individual sized Hershey chocolate Bars (Labels need to be approx. 5 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches to fit). These make a fabulous thank you gift, or tied to the top of a gift. It has the labels shown below: its a boy and its a girl, congratulations,  just because, a quote by Helen Keller, hand over the chocolate and no one gets hurt, and you're so sweet to me labels. These would be perfect for a teacher's gift, tied with pretty ribbon!

This set available in:
black and white ($10)
brown and white ($13)
brown / colored($15)
Custom Created Wrappers
3 Patterns in  B&W $17
3 Patterns in Color $21

Just a little FYI...
Did you know that you can order personalized Hershy bars on their website?
36 for $75.00!


Available in any desired amount :) 
Each has a verification number so I can keep track :)