Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Any ideas?
I have decided blogger has had enough of me, lol.
I have no idea why all of the sudden I can't post pictures.
I switched from google to firefox, so I can finally upload pictures,
but it doesn't let me post clickable links, and
my png files all look black. UGH! The only files you can see are the


Teach With Laughter said...

I've been having trouble too - what I did find works is switching to html for uploading pictures and then switching back to type. I don't know why, but it works!
Teach With Laughter

Positively Learning said...

You're not the only one! I haven't been able to post pictures either. I've been uploading my pictures to Picasa web (free, sign in with google just like Blogger). Then when you want to post a photo, you select from your picasa album instead of your computer. It takes only about one extra minute! I'm going to try the suggestion in the comment above, too!

Karons Krafty Korner said...

Its been happening on a lot of blogs - it is an issue they are aware of an are trying to fix. See this link


Switching to Chrome has helped a lot of people.

Spontaneous Idea said...

Hey Nik. It's not just you. We have been having calls all week of people having problems with it. It seems that Blogger is the issue...
Is there a way to contact them?

Tootsie and Teed said...

I thought it was just me but I'm having the same issue. Like Teach With Laughter (love the name!) I switched to HTML and it works...extra work but it works. I think I might try the second suggestion and go with picasa. This really doesn't help but it lets me vent, haha.

Morgan Hardy said...

hmmm... maybe its the user?

Morgan Hardy said...

lol(: love you mama

Nikki said...

I will try them all..... tomorrow, lol. Thank you everyone for your help!
Dear Morgan Hardy, you are very mouthy. I think your mother needs to beat you more often. Love, mom xox

AllisonG said...

When I have trouble posting photos to Blogger, I first upload them to Photobucket (or any photo service) and then post them on Blogger using "Post from URL." Maybe that will help you. :-)

Kathy said...

Morgan and Nikki...I feel the LOVE!!

First Grade a la Carte

Dinah Ely said...

Hi Again Nikki:)

I just checked all your images from today and they are all jpegs:) sooo I think that may be your problem you need to save them as png´s??:)

Nikki said...

wow....... I got it to work with a picasa album. When I opened up an album(which I forgot I had, I found a bunch of files I lost when our old computer died! woot woot!

Marianne said...

So maybe Blogger was actually doing you a service. Otherwise you might never have found your lost files again LOL.

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Like I had mentioned previously maybe it's a png thing because the extension on all images is coming up as jpgs. However, yesterday I also tried to upload a new paper as a png and for some reason blogger kept putting a black box around the outside so I started thinking about your problem and tried to upload some other pngs but they uploaded fine. Here is another tip from Craftysuze over in NZ. She was having issues uploading in general for a bit and if I remember correctly she uploaded her images into her side bar and then went into her post and chose to upload from images on the blog. Then went back and deleted them from her sidebar. I'm pretty sure this was what you did. You could always go ask her yourself if you want to try it she is at
http://craftysuze.blogspot.co.nz. Hope this helps a bit.

Lisa D.