Saturday, November 24, 2012

HUGE "Cyber weekend" SALES!!!!!

Visit my TN shop Saturday through Monday, for a 15% savings from me, and an additional 10% from TN!
That's a total of 25% OFF!!!!!!
Visit my TPT shop Monday and Tuesday, for a 15% off savingd from me, and
and an additional 10% off from TPT! That totals 25% off!!!!
Be sure to use the promo code CMT12 !!!
20% off your total!
Don't forget the coupon code!!!!!
Happy shopping!



Kathy Salazar said...

OK Nikki- I guess my brain isn't working today- what is your TPT shop & how do I get there?

I need to purchase thhe days & seasons that go with the months that I got last weekend please- :0

Kathy said...

I just got a couple new sets! THANKS for the sales!

First Grade a la Carte